Joe Manganiello And Sofia Vergara Indulge In Some PDA As They Take A Romantic Vacation Together

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Joe Manganiello shows off his amazingly fit body.
Yeah, it’s official, I love that Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara are dating.

While we’ve seen the new couple together a few times before, this seems like the first time we’ve seen them making out, at least from my knowledge. But make out they were, and I’m totally not even bothered by their PDA.

Joe and Sofia were spotted arriving in Miami together yesterday for what we can only assume is a romantic getaway. 

These two have been going out for like, less than a month and they’re already traveling together? Damn life moves quickly in the celebrity relationship world. Sadly, Sofia didn’t post any photos of “Jofia” on her Instagram. Instead it was just her and bunch of friends. Come on Sofia! I need a couple selfie!

Side note: according to very sketchy tabloid sources, Sofia is telling everyone Joe is the best sex she’s ever had and her ex-fiancé Nick Loeb is pissed. This is one of those, “Who cares if it’s true? This shit’s funny” stories.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Joe and Sofia enjoying some PDA at the airport. Can you two get married and have babies, like, now? K thx.