Joe & Kevin Jonas Party Without Nick, But Nick & Joe Perform Without Kevin

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After the Jonas Brothers broke-up last month, I was all ready to pick up the pieces of my broken heart, and move on. But clearly, Nick, Joe and Kevin are not about to let me do that.

This has been obvious from their actions, which recently included Nick and Joe performing together in Mexico, and Kevin and Joe hitting the red carpet at an event together.

The official word for why Kevin didn’t perform in Mexico was that he had an awards show to host. 

I mean, I really want to buy that, but if the reason for the performance in the first place is that you have to do it because of a contract, then doesn’t that require all three brothers to be there?

And then what’s up with Joe and Kevin going to the Sunset Marquis Hotel 50th anniversary birthday bash without Nick? Do you people not even enjoy hanging out together anymore? This saddens me. I’m just gonna pretend that Nick was too busy getting Jamba Juice and making out with Olivia Culpo.

Wait, so does this make Joe Switzerland? So many questions. But for now, launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the brothers doing their own thing. They’ll be back together soon. I just know it.