Joe Jonas Will Guest Judge On ‘Top Chef’

Why on earth is Joe Jonas guest judging Top Chef?! Seriously, it’s not like this boy has ever cooked a meal in his life, but so it goes: the show will air Dec. 8 and is called “Night at the Museum.” Sound random? It gets better!

A release says: “Pop singer Joe Jonas enlists the gourmets to prepare a snack for children taking in a sleepover at New York’s American Museum of Natural History. Later, prehistoric sustenance inspires breakfast items for the children, with Season 1 host Katie Lee Joel returning to guest judge.” Because Joe Jonas, pictured catching a movie in Hollywood on Dec. 2, knows what kindergarteners like…yeah, creepy.

But how will the chefs be able to concentrate with all that screaming? Watch the chefs hilarious reactions to the Jo-Bro after the jump, from a mom who can barely contain her excitement to a dude who asks, “Is he a pastry chef?”