Joe Jonas Vs Joe Jonas: Which Paris Fashion Week Look To We Like More?

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It’s a Joe Jonas face off people!

The always entertaining singer has been a fixture in the fashion world of late, going to any and all fashion weeks that he can. So it’s no surprise that we spotted him this week attending Paris Fashion Week.

First, there was the Carven show, where Joe wore the outfit on the left. He followed that up with a trip to the Louis Vuitton show, sporting the look on the right. So now I have to know: which one do we like more? 

Do we prefer a funky sweater, paired with black pants? Or perhaps grey pants and a brown jacket, tied together with potentially fake glasses? I think I like the Louis Vuitton look more, but I do really like Joe with his sunglasses in other outfit.

Ugh, picking is just so hard. Launch the gallery to see more photos and decide which one you like more. Leave us your vote in the comments!