Joe Jonas & Shia LaBeouf Feuding?

Reasons I love celebrity gossip #4,598: totally false stories that spread like wildfire. The latest of these stories? That singer Joe Jonas and actor Shia LaBeouf are feuding over…wait…for it…Rihanna. Yup. Gossip Cop reports that some celebs sites are sending out the rumor in response to Joe and Shia’s run in yesterday.

The two stars passed each other at the Sunset Plaza in Hollywood and didn’t say hi. Now, this couldn’t have been because they didn’t know or recognize each other, nope. It’s because they hate each other. Reports say they were “icy-cold” to each other and almost collided!

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Now back to where Rihanna fits in. According to rumors, both Joe and Shia have hooked up with the sexy songstress, and each one is claiming her for his own. I love how one site put it, “Could it be they are asserting their masculinity in the wake of rumors that BOTH have hooked up with Rihanna?”

A source close to Gossip Cop assured them that nothing is going on but that Joe and Shia just don’t know each other. Also, since Joe is trying to get this manly, bad boy kind of rep, shouldn’t he be hanging out with Shia? I mean, Shia is really becoming the king of Hollywood bad boys. Look at him in the gallery photos riding his moped thing and chain smoking. What do you guys think about the rumors? Fascinated by the way stuff flies in this town? Leave us a comment with your thoughts.