Joe Jonas Really Likes Photoshop…And Climbing On Top Of Things?

Joe Jonas At Lunch
Joe Grabs Some Grub, Hangs With Fans
I’ve discovered something by looking at the Instagram of Joe Jonas. Even though he’s already 24-years-old, Joe is basically still a teenage boy.

Joe definitely doesn’t take himself too seriously, and I love that. Half of his Instagram is made up of ridiculous photoshopped pictures. His head on a dog DJing in space? Standing next to a half parrot half pug creature? Driving a car through a giant wave with a unicorn in the background? It’s all there.

Clearly, Joe finds himself hysterical. I just think he’s adorable. 

Another thing Joe loves to take pictures of is himself on top of things. Seriously. He’s got pictures on top of a donkey, a plastic crocodile, a stuffed tiger, and a motorcycle, usually giving a blank expression to the camera in each one. It’s a super sexy face. Really, though.

I’m glad that Joe Jonas is still around even though The Jonas Brothers aren’t a thing anymore. He was always the most attractive one in my opinion (sorry Nick Jonas and Kevin Jonas), and I still love looking at pictures of his face.

I mean, look at that picture of him buried in a pile of pool toys. What’s not to love?