Joe Jonas Isn’t Pulling A “Taylor Swift”

It seems like Joe Jonas took the high road when he wrote his songs for his debut solo album ‘Fast Life’.  Although there is some speculation that one of his songs, ‘See No More’ is about dumping ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift, the pop star denied the rumor to Metro UK stating:

No. That’s not about her. When I write songs I don’t say who they are about because I don’t want the audience to relate to what was going on with me when I wrote it. You say one thing and it becomes a big rumour.

Wait a minute.  Joe doesn’t want his fans to relate to his lyrics?  That doesn’t make any sense.  Shouldn’t he want them to? I mean I like songs that have lyrics I can relate to.  Maybe he misspoke.  Or maybe he should be more private with his relationships is he doesn’t want his fans to speculate about who his songs are about.  Personally, I like that Taylor talks openly of writing about her ex’s.  Her music has helped me get through a few breakups.  Team Swift!

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Looks like the middle Jonas is enjoying his solo career, promoting his album at Haze Nightclub while celebrating his 22nd birthday in Las Vegas.  I wonder how his brothers feel about solo success.  Knowing how close they are, the other two are probably happy for their brother, especially since Nick Jonas is busy with his musical career and Kevin Jonas is busy with…his marriage? Joe was recently spotted heading to the David Letterman Show on August 22, 2011 where he performed songs from his new album.