Joe Jonas’ Mustache Is Going Strong, We Ponder His Life After The Jonas Brothers

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So guys, at this point can we induct Joe Jonas into the mustache hall of fame?

Seriously, the guy deserves a place alongside Tom Selleck, Burt Reynolds and Groucho Marx. Wait, is there a mustache hall of fame? Can I nominate him? Someone get back to me on this.

Joe was spotted in West Hollywood today owning that mustache and grabbing some lunch. Aww, Joe, you could have come to the Socialite Life office. We had a bunch of Persian food. 

So now that Joe is no longer part of the Jonas Brothers, I’ve decided that we all need to come up with things for him to do. I present you the follow options.

1) Join the circus as a trapeze artist.

2) Channel his inner Matthew McConaughey by losing 30 pounds and starring in a movie that gets him award buzz.

3) Start his own band called The Brother Jonas (notice the lack of “s”) and creating synthesized-techno-rap-pop.

4) Become a metrosexual life coach.

5) Groom his mustache so that he is not just part of the mustache hall of fame, but so that he is the main attraction.

See Joe, we’ve given you a bunch of great options. Now pick one and go to town. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Joe getting his lunch on. And leave us your bizarre options for his future in the comments!

By Sabba Rahbar

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