Joe Jonas Makes Funny Faces, Nick Jonas Is Mildly Amused [PHOTOS]

You know how I know Joe Jonas is awesome? Because he’s totally mugging for the camera.

Joe and little brother Nick Jonas were spotted grabbing lunch at La Esquina today (October 6) in New York’s SoHo district. Sure Nick looks adorable and everything, but it’s really all about Joe’s faces.

Isn’t it lovely how much time the Jonas brothers spend together? We seem to find them having some sort of meal together at least once a week. Also, I love how Nick is the one that doesn’t indulge the paparazzi, but is always amused by the other brothers when they do. Wait, where’s Kevin at?

He’s probably off doing married guy things like filming his TV show. Boo married guy things. Doesn’t he know his job is to stand next to Joe and make silly faces so that everyone is amused? Nick won’t smirk on his own, you know.

After Joe’s faces and some lunch, the duo did a little shopping. I’m hoping they bought v-necks and skinny jeans. You know them Jonas brothers, they can never have too many of either. Launch the gallery to check out all of Joe’s funny faces. They do not disappoint.

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