Joe Jonas Lunches With Nick & Finally Reveals Why He’s An Uber Driver

March 6th, 2014 // Leave a Comment
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Aww, look at Joe and Nick Jonas being cute brothers and lunching together.

The former members of the Jonas Brothers (wait, can we call them former since they technically are Jonas brothers?) were spotted in West Hollywood today eating at one of my favorite places, Hugo’s.

While that’s all well and cute, the more exciting news is that we finally learned why Joe has been going around driving an Uber car! 

You remember when the fine folks at MySpace posted about Joe driving them to get frozen yogurt, right? Well it seems that it was all done to 1) promote his website,, and 2) because he clearly has some sort of deal with Mini Cooper. You can learn all of this from the video below, which is a montage of all his best Uber moments.

I’m a fan of when Joe is trying to make conversation with the dude in his car who is just into his phone, and when a passengers asks, “Do you think Joe Jonas is taking a shit right now?” Check out the video, then launch the gallery for some JoBro cuteness. Also Joe, best website name ever.

By Sabba Rahbar

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