Joe Jonas Is Silly, Sexy & Awesome As He Makes A Fan’s Dreams Come True [VIDEO]

Seriously, how amazing is Joe Jonas?

The Jonas Brothers hottie took to YouTube today to post one of the best response videos we’ve ever seen. It seems a Jonas Brothers fan asked Joe if he would accompany her to her last college formal. Sadly, Joe can’t go, but don’t worry because he’s definitely making it up to her!

First we’ve got the amazing video, which just goes to show how hilarious Joe is. Then we’ve got the fact that he wants to fly Shaina–that’s the girl–out to Chicago for the first concert of their tour. This is amazing! Check out Shaina’s equally awesome video after the jump!

I hope we can expect more of these videos from the Jonas Brothers. They’re definitely fans of making them, and we are definitely fans of watching them!

Think that Shaina will, as Joe puts it, #gowithhim? Check out both videos and tell us how awesome you think they are in the comments! Gotta love Joe Jonas. Also, muscles. Also also, sexy sax man.