Joe Jonas Is Out To Shock You

If you still think that Joe Jonas is just another Disney, bubblegum pop, robot machine, think again. That boy is really trying to shed that image be the new and improved performer he wants to be. Dose recently talked with Joe about his upcoming album, Fast Life, and how his life is doing. He told the mag, “That’s kind of my idea for the record. I kind of like to shock people sometimes because I feel like — I feel they have expectations of what I’m supposed to sound like.”

Joe has already started the process of breaking those expectations. He recently performed in Brooklyn, tapping into the sound and feel of Justin Timberlake. Even Dose agrees that he’s going down a very JT route. Which totally makes sense! Both worked for Disney. Both were in Disney Channel Original Movies. Both were in boy bands.

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For Joe, Fast Life is something totally new:

“I feel like it’s a little bit of an older record, a coming of age record, and it talks about real stuff that I’ve been going through and hopefully an older audience will be into it. I wrote songs about girls — a relationship with a girl who doesn’t speak the same language as you. On my own, I could really just speak about everything: from good to bad relationships, to the fans, to travelling — my perspective of what life was about.”

And really, just cause he got some balls thrown at him by hipsters doesn’t mean he will succeed any less. Also, look at that red ass sweater! Love the sweater! Wear the sweater! Look at the gallery for more of the sweater. Mr. Rogers, anyone?