Joe Jonas Is Now An Uber Driver & Likes Strawberries On His Frozen Yogurt

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Imagine calling an Uber to pick you up for some frozen yogurt, and as the car drives up, you realize it’s Joe Jonas.

Is your mind blown? Because that’s exactly what happened to two folks this week and thank goodness that they shared the story. Uber, in case you didn’t know, is an app that connects people who need a ride with available drivers.

So, as my good friend Gabi Chung put it, “Joe Jonas is essentially a taxi driver now.”

One of the passengers shared the above photo with a Tweet that read:

One of them also wrote about it in a blog post. “What’s Joe like in real life? He’s actually funny as hell. At one point we noticed a homeless man, nearly naked and covered in filth, aimlessly meandering in the middle of the street. I jokingly suggested that we take him with us. Joe pulled over the car and politely asked the man if he wanted to join us for some Pinkberry, to which the homeless man responded with some incoherent jibberish. (What are you doing Joe? Drive! Drive!)”

Also, Joe’s driving skills are only meh. “Put it this way—there’s a reason his Uber rating currently sits at only three stars.” Joe’s passengers treated him to some Pinkberry for his efforts. Pro-tip: he likes his yogurt with strawberries on it.

While we don’t know exactly why Joe was driving an Uber car, it doesn’t matter cause it’s awesome. So now I’m just gonna keep calling Ubers until I get one with Joe driving. Apparently he drives a Mini Cooper. Ooo! Maybe I can get him to grow out his mustache again!