Joe Jonas Is Hot Even When He Eats, Makes Time For His Fans

Joe Jonas Gets Sweaty
Joe Jonas keeps in shape with a vigorous workout.
Who doesn’t love a good Joe Jonas sightings?

The Jonas Brothers definitely holds a special place in our hearts over here at SOCIALITE LIFE. OK, so all the Jonas Brothers hold a special place in our hearts, but today we are loving Mr. Joe.

The super sexy singer–who also happens to be incredibly hysterical–was spotted in Los Angeles over the weekend enjoying breakfast and some smiles with a friend. Why the rest of the JoBro weren’t there to entertain us, I do not know. But I do know that Joe is awesome. 

He didn’t seem to mind at all when a fan came up and asked for a picture. That’s one thing I definitely appreciate about Joe and his brothers. I’ve heard plenty of stories about them over the years, and the one thing that remains consistent is that they’re genuinely really nice guys. Sure they might have boring girlfriends, but they are fabulous.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Joe being incredibly amazing. Any of you have a chance to meet Joe, Nick or Kevin? Oh! Or have any of you met Frankie? Let us know in the comments!