Joe Jonas Has No Mustache On His Face, But Does Have One On His T-Shirt

Joe Jonas Opens Up
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Well technically Kate Moss has the mustache. And technically it’s not even a real mustache.

Ahh, looking at these photos of Joe Jonas today just makes me lament his mustache of yesteryear. Come on Joe! Remember how good it looked on you?

Sadly, that must have been far from Joe’s mind as he was spotted shopping with a friend in Los Angles yesterday (April 15). Wow, Joe, no post-Coachella sunburn? Clearly you were slathering on that sunscreen. 

So, is Joe going to start acting again like he promised? Maybe Camp Rock 3? Oh my god! I just had a brilliant idea! Joe can be in High School Musical 4! He can be Zac Efron’s singing rival and they fight over Vanessa Hudgen’s affections but become friends at the end. I would watch the shit out of that movie.

Come on, I know you would too. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of Joe and his Kate Moss shirt. I kinda want it. Ooo, Then Joe and I can match.