Joe Jonas Shows Off His Intense Side for Flaunt

Singer Joe Jonas if featured in the April 2017 issue of Flaunt magazine, looking all intense and edgy.

Sadly, Joe kept his clothes on for the photo shoot. What, no Guess Men underwear shots?

Joe Jonas Is Shirtless and Oiled Up for Guess Underwear Campaign

So we now know why Joe Jonas has been pumping so much iron as of late!

Here are some highlights from the interview:

On having the freedom to be creative: “I was trying to figure out for myself what I wanted it to sound like and I was actually allowing myself to be kind of selfish about that. For so many years I had a lot of cooks in the kitchen and other members of bands that I was working with. This was the first time that I was really able to say, ‘I want to create something on my own and see what this could be.'”

How he met DNCE’s guitarist JinJoo Lee: “But she could hear people in the rehearsal room playing the same song over and over again, so she taught it to herself and then walked in, played it perfectly, and ripped a solo off the top of it,” Joe tells me, a bit of lingering awe in his voice. “I’ve known for a while that if I was ever going to put together a band that I’d want her to be a part of it.”

Joe Jonas for Flaunt magazine
CREDIT: Kurt Iswarienko/Flaunt

On keeping the creative momentum going: “‘Cake by the Ocean’ is definitely – even including the Jonas Brothers years – my most successful song.” Jonas tells me thoughtfully. “And it can be tough when you’re holding yourself to that level of success, because it is kind of one of those rare occasions. You have to realize that and understand that these are once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and that you might not relive them. My manager kind of slapped me around a bit mentally, because I was starting to over-obsess about writing new music. He said ‘remember why you do this: it’s because you love music and it’s fun.’ And that is what ‘Cake By The Ocean’ is – it was kind of a joke song and we were sitting back laughing and we didn’t overthink it, and I think that is when the best music is written.”

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