Joe Jonas Doesn’t Want To Talk About The Jonas Brothers, Does Want To Talk About Acting

Joe Jonas Sans Shirt
Joe Jonas loses his shirt at Coachella.
Oh you guys, the mystery behind the Jonas Brothers’ tour cancellation just keeps getting more and more interesting.

Although everything we’re hearing is not from the boys themselves. Joe Jonas stayed very tight lipped last night when asked about the cancellation and the problems between the brothers. He told reporters, “I’m not going to talk about that right now.”

Luckily, he was happy to talk about what he wants to do. And that is act. “I think acting would be fun. I would like to [get into that].” I’d be down for that. Remember Camp Rock?!?! 

But while Joe wasn’t spilling any info on the boys, sources have told E! News that there’s a whole bunch going on between the brothers. The trouble started before their cancelled tour when Joe, Nick and Kevin had trouble deciding what direction they wanted to go in. Joe wanted rock, while Nick wanted jazz and horns. I mean, they seemed to figure out a cool sound for “Pom Pom.”

Still, all those problems led to a delay in their album, so despite their tour actually selling pretty well, the boys didn’t have an album to promote. The source also tells E! that there are some serious personal issues. Could this have something to do with Joe’s addiction counselor? Maybe? I’m not pointing fingers, I’m just mentioning it.

Launch the gallery to check out photos of Joe hanging out in Studio City yesterday. He’s looking good, so maybe the rumors about him are just that. Seriously Jo Bro, get your stuff together. I lub yew. What do you guys think the real issues are? Sound off in the comments!