Joe Jonas Celebrated His 25th Birthday In Las Vegas With Nick Jonas And A Miley Cyrus Stripper

Joe Jonas And His Stache
Joe Jonas sports an interesting mustache out at lunch.
So, usually when I write about Joe Jonas it’s a lot of, “I miss his mustache, he looks so hot, his ex-girlfriend was boring”–you know, generic stuff. Today, though? Today is different.

If you’ll recall, Joe turned 25-years-old last week, which meant that he went off and partied in Las Vegas. And oh my word, did he party. Joe was joined by brother Nick Jonas, Nick’s girlfriend Olivia Culpo and some very entertaining strippers.

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a Miley Cyrus stripper. And there’s video of it all. 

Joe was treated to some hilarity Saturday night with a performance from the world’s smallest stripper, Little Spinner, a little Miley Cyrus stripper performance and even a little Jonas Brothersconcert. See guys, this is how you celebrate your birthday and get over a break-up.

Launch the gallery for an even better look at all the antics that went down, and for your viewing pleasure we’ve got the stripping video below. Thank you Joe, for being game for this. You have vastly improved my Monday.