Joe Jonas Attracts Fans With His Bright Red Pants [PHOTOS]

Celebs In Colored Jeans
Victoria Justice and Ashley Greene are only a few!
Joe Jonas really should have opted for less conspicuous slacks yesterday (April 4th) in New York City.  One third of the Jonas Brothers talked on his phone after leaving Gemma restaurant inside the Bowery Hotel, hardly ignoring the crowds of young girls snapping pictures of him on their smart phones.

Jonas just got back from Sydney Australia, where he, Paris Hilton, Kellan Lutz, Wilmer Valderrama and Nick Lachey helped celebrate the opening of Marquee nightclub.  “I flew from Australia to LA to NYC.. My jet-lag is crazy.. My body has no idea where it is,” Jonas tweeted April 2nd.

Goods news for Jonas Brothers fans.  The middle bro told Confidential magazine (via Australia’s Courier Mail)  that the boys are back to make another album together.  

“We’re in the studio writing at the moment actually,” Jonas said.”Obviously Nick is busy (on Broadway) so we’re working around that, but it’s looking really good.”