Joe Francis Sends Madonna A Cease & Desist Letter

Super Bowl XLVI
Madonna holds a press conference.
Creepy Steve
This dude makes my skin crawl.
Christina McLarty
The reporter filed from divorce from Joe Francis.
Joe Francis, founder of Girls Gone Wild and the world’s sleaziest pig, is sending Madonna a cease and desist letter, according to TMZ.  In the letter, Francis threatens legal action if she performs her single from the new album, “Girls Gone Wild” at the Superbowl on February 5th).

Francis addresses Madonna and her “co-conspirators” accusing them of attempting to get a “free ride on the valuable consumer goodwill and brand recognition.” Hah!  “Your misappropriation of my clients’ trademark will not be tolerated,” Francis’ lawyer stated.

The slimeball is willing to cut a deal if Madonna adheres to the following demands: “Negotiate an immediate licensing agreement for the use of Joe’s trademark, Account for the number of time Madonna has already used the trademark, NOT PERFORM THE SONG AT THE SUPER BOWL.”

What a douche waddle.