Jodie Foster’s Speeding Ticket Fracas

The Academy Award-winning actress Jodie Foster was not in the mood to act her way out of a speeding ticket when the Beverly Hills Police pulled her over in her Prius.

A truTV camera crew was apparently accompanying the officers to film the series Speeders. Foster refused to sign the release to appear on the show, but it didn’t end there, according to Page Six.

“She maintained to the officers that she was only going 30 mph at the time they pulled her over, and she kept interrupting and complaining that the process was taking too long,” a source dished to the gossip outlet.

I know this is supposed to be the part where I say, “She’s so rich, she should just hush up and pay the ticket,” but I so know that feeling. I mean, the cops here in L.A. have side gigs on reality shows. Please.

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