Jodie Foster’s Special Friend

January 25th, 2006 // 21 Comments

The woman holding one of Jodie Foster‘s son’s hands is rumored to be her partner of many years, Sidney. Who, I’m assuming, has never been a spy of SD-6.

(Source: Celebrity Baby Blog)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Steven

    More power to Jodie Foster. She has the right to live her personal life any way she chooses. After all, she isn’t like most celebrities who beg for attention only to cry when they get TOO MUCH!!!!!

    She’s a model for how fame should/could be managed. Lucky partner and lucky children!

  2. x

    Cydney Bernard. It’s Cydney with a C. They’ve been together for like 13 years now.

  3. Cheesy

    Probably one of the most grounded relationships in the industry!!! Good for them!

  4. ali

    I had no idea that she was a lesbian>

  5. KittyLiterati

    Are you kidding, Ali? Jodie’s one of those “quietly out” celebrities who never gets bothered by the press about her sexuality because she’s not whoring out her personal life.
    Jodie’s one of the few real class acts in Hollywood.

  6. shooshoo

    hahaha, love the SD-6 comment

  7. lylelyle

    It used to kind of bug me that Jodie would never officially “come out.” It’s candid shots like this that answer my own question. Why the hell should she? Jodie and Cydney have a wonderful relationship because it is THEIR relationship. We’ve known for years and it has very little to do with the fact that we continue to love her as an actress.

  8. speculation

    Come on this is all speculation. It could be her nanny for all we know.

    Her youngest child is ony 4-5 years old. Did she magically become a lesbian in the last 5 years?

    Anyway that girl in the picture next to her son looks really young, if you ask me. She looks 16. Come on. Maybe it’s just her babysitter or something.

  9. sperm back

    maybe she used a sperm bank…

    JODIE FOSTER was so delighted with her firstborn baby Charlie that she went back to the same sperm bank for her second baby, friends say — and requested sperm from the same anonymous donor.

    That means both of the actress’ sons — 3-year-old Charles and little Kit, born on September 29 — are the offspring of one super-handsome donor with an I.Q. of 160, according to the “Silence of the Lambs” star’s pals.
    “Charles is a beautiful, smart, loving boy — and Jodie is absolutely blown away by him and the experience of being a mother,” a source close to the actress told The ENQUIRER. “There was no question that she wanted the same anonymous donor to provide sperm when she was ready to get pregnant again.
    “This donor is a scientist with a Ph.D., tall and handsome, and has an I.Q. of 160 — genius level.
    “Jodie picked him as the father of her first boy after researching the qualifications of other donors at a Los Angeles-area clinic.
    “She feels that even though her kids may never know who their dad is, they’ll know they each have the same parents.”
    The actress has been in a serious relationship with Cydney Bernard since she met her on the set of “Sommersby” in 1993. Cydney’s been sharing the joys of parenthood with Jodie since Charlie was born in 1998 — and they both have been looking forward to another addition to their “family.”
    “In fact, Jodie’s already talking about having one more child,” said another insider. “She and Cydney want to have babies while they’re still young enough to chase them around the yard.

    “As Jodie always says, ‘We aren’t exactly Ozzie and Harriet — but who is? A family is people who love each other.”

  10. Lesbian Lovefest

    I agree she should not talk about her private life too much. but why not “come out”. I think she is afraid for her career and I say that sucks. Be brave.

  11. Enit

    I think she don’t want to be labeled.
    I wouldn’t like either.

    Anyway, she is a great actress

  12. doofus

    I LOVE Jodie Foster…think she’s one of the best actresses, not just of today, but of all time. and YES, kittyliterati (great screen name, btw…) a TRUE class act.

    jodie foster is one of those women that “straight” women develop a crush on. and I’ll include myself in that group…

    and please remember, speculation, that you don’t have to be straight to get preggers.

  13. straight women like me have crushes on angelina jolie not jodie foster. sorry. by the way, my husband and i share the same crush on angelina.

    jodie is smart and nice though – too butchy though.

  14. doofus

    excuse me, nina, but I didn’t mean to imply that Foster is the ONLY woman that straight girls get “crushes” on, just that she’s ONE of those types of women.

    And although I’m not crushing on Angie, I’ll certainly give you that she falls into the same category.

  15. wildflower

    come out my ass. what for? everyone knows. it’s not like she’s trying to hide anything. good god, the entire world doesn’t give a shit to hear confirmation of someone’s sex life. who cares? people want privacy and are entitled to it. she’s gay. BIG DEAL.

  16. The Mav

    Gay or straight? who cares, no one here will ever sleep with her.

  17. Stephanie

    Why do so many people think that if you’re gay you have some kind of obligation to come out? That’s highly personal and, frankly, nobody else’s damn business, celebrity or not.

  18. Love Jodie!!! I always wanted her to come out too, but I’m over that now. She has a right to do whatever she wants with her life! I love her no matter what.:D I don’t even think it’s a smart thing to do actually. How horrible it is, it’s very hard to have a good career when you come out. I wish it was diffirent..

  19. Sam Snooky

    You mean Jodie Fosters a gay? When did this happen?

    Man, who knew? I’m glad this news finally broke.

  20. paul

    dude! JOdie foster is nth near to being butch!!!
    i think JOdie adn Cydney dated for 5 yrs and then they decided that it’s a good idea to have kids, hence JOdie as a younger between themselves chose to be the person to conceive.

    she’s got this charm tho from her eye language…that’s hotttt

  21. Sarah

    I totally agree with Stephanie’s comment: Why do so many people think that if you’re gay you have some kind of obligation to come out? Straight’s never have to. And it’s never so clean cut anyway, it only is if you’re in a steady relationship, so people can categorize you. I just saw Inside Man, she looks soo good for 43.

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