Jodie Foster Peeks Warily Around The Closet Door

December 5th, 2007 // 18 Comments

Go Jodie! Bout’ time, sister girl! Jodie Foster received an award at the Hollywood Reporter Power 100 breakfast yesterday morning. And in her acceptance speech, she thanked her alleged longtime life partner Cydney Bernard. Jodie described Bernard as “my beautiful Cydney who sticks with me through all the rotten and the bliss”. Awww. That’s good. Why does this stuff still matter anymore? Stay quiet if ya want, that’s your choice and yeah, it can be scary. But people are always gonna say stuff and speculate and whatever. It’s just human nature. And if hot people like Jodie have the stones to be all “whatever, I’m gay” about it, it just makes it more inconsequential and boring to be out about your same sex lovin’. No, that isn’t a soapbox under my feet! Shut up! I wear lifts! I’m short, ok? Jodie is said to have met Cydney on the set of “Sommersby” in 1993. Which makes sense because we were supposed to believe her and Richard Gere had some sort of connection, and the only one I could see was that maybe they shared corn husking tips at one time. This is the latest in a string of little things that indicate Jodie might be getting a little louder and prouder about her situation. In September, Jodie acknowledge that a ring she wore as an “eternity ring” that she never took off but wouldn’t comment further on it. In the same month, she mentioned “her partner” in an interview with the Denver Post. On a sad note, Jodie has been reported to take Bernard with her to events and premieres outside the U.S. but never here. Then again, maybe Cydney was acting up and Jodie just didn’t want to deal with her shit that night. Trust me straights, it happens with the gays, too.

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By J. Harvey

    (btw: you know I adore you, don’t you?)

  2. Queer in Asia and not afraid to die for it

    How sad that she isn’t out.

    She is such a boring actress it is like she is
    afraid to connect to her emotions even on
    screen as well.

    I always wonder if the HINKLEY thing traumatized her
    so much that she shut down forever.

    Jodie, get over it. It was so random like a car
    accident….move on and LIVE.

    She was a great child actress and as a child of the same age I worshipped her.

    As an adult I cannot name one decent film she
    has been in.

    Even look at her photo, she looks like a women full of anger.

    It’s none of our business who she partners with that is true. But being GAY, and being so public, ….the scales tip.

    I respect Rosie now because of how out she is and how proud and intelligent she is. She is a bit loud for me personally, but overall as a human she is living her full life and that is why she is so fearless.

  3. Zekers

    She’s a talented, intelligent woman who manages to stay out of the Hollywood vortex…why should anyone care, or be privy to, who she has sex with???

  4. spaz

    queer in asia, what about “The Accused” or “Silence of the Lambs”?

    I’d say those two movies were “decent”. I’d go so far to say that Silence was even “great”.

  5. Marie

    Jodie Foster is a class act-

  6. Nanc'

    I second “Zekers” plus, I just don’t care if an actor is gay or not.

  7. laurieann

    Jodie has never LIED about her sexuality so what does it matter if she discusses her private life. It’s no one’s business but hers. Jodie has more itegrity and class than any actor of her generation. She’s earned my respect and I’ll respect her decision to keep her private life private.

  8. bunny

    Please. This is exactly why I never date closeted people. Trust me its fucked up. Because when you are closeted oh excuse me, private. You have to HIDE everything. So, if your lover is pregnant or you adopt a child then there is no hand holding no fun times at the shower because you never know who is watching. And doesn’t this trick have kids. What do they tell the kids, don’t tell anyone your parents are gay! Yes people when you are in the closet EVERYTHING becomes a lie. Its pathetic when two adults do it but dragging kids, family and friends (because they have to lie to to cover their sorry asses) well then thats just lame.

    I feel real sorry for her “eternal” partner.

  9. Kate

    I just love her!

  10. T-Bone

    I’m with Zekers, Nanc, and all the rest who love her but don’t feel they need to know everything about her sex life. Thank you Jodie for being gay but not shoving it down our throats. Some of us appreciate it.

  11. stolidog

    Gays only shove things down their own throats. Anyone who thinks gays are shoving things down their throats is just afraid of them.

  12. T-Bone

    Yeah – Stolidog. I’m really afraid of gays. I think 75% of the people I hang with are gay, but nice theory, nice try.

    I’m neither afraid of gay people nor straight people. I’m pretty open. But I don’t need to hear who Jodie Foster is F*#KING anymore than I need to hear all about who GEORGE CLOONEY is F#*KING! I would say the people obsessed with knowing what everyone is doing in their bedrooms have a little bit more of a problem than the rest of us. Sexuality is ONE part of a person’s life, not their WHOLE life (hopefully anyways).

  13. Jenn

    I can see why she doesn’t make an issue of it.
    She doesn’t want to be known as “the gay actress”.
    People typecast other people and put them in
    boxes. She doesn’t want to be placed in a box.

  14. stolidog

    well, on the flipside, everyone seems to know every single person lohan, britney and paris has banged every which way to hell, and they only want to hear more about it.

    Why Britney and not Jodie?

  15. The Trumpet Player Did It

    I think people should make their own decisions. If someone wants to talk about their relationship they should. If someone doesn’t want to talk they don’t have to. We should respect their privacy. I HEART JODIE FOSTER.

  16. landg

    “Why Britney and not Jodie?”
    Because they open the door to their issues, they even crave it, something jodie does not, so she gets respect (most of the time), same with others actors like Meryl streep, Tom Hanks, cate Blanchett…etc, you never heard about their s**t been all around.

  17. BettyCrockerPunkRocker

    Jodie Foster has more acting range in her pinky finger than 90% of the actors out there today. I have enjoyed every movie I have ever seen her in. She was great in “The Panic Room”, “Silence of the Lambs”, “Nell”, “Contact”, “Anna and the King”, “The Accused”, “Taxi Driver”, “The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane”…I’m probably forgetting alot, but come ON, that’s one impressive list right there.

    And I don’t give a flying fig who she sleeps with. She’s an amazing and intelligent actress, and she doesn’t have to come out/stay in for anyone else’s edification.

  18. Cathy

    She’s very much a one dimensional actress. I only keep going to see her movies in the hope she would have improved. She’s probably a very nice person but really who cares? Isn’t it the illusion we’re interested in. We don’t want to know or believe that her life is just like ours. I’m probably more interesting than her! And anyone who’s a friend of Mel Gibson must have serious social issues anyway.

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