Jodie Foster On Kids

August 15th, 2007 // 24 Comments

I *heart* this chick. Seriously, she can do no wrong in my book. She’s so beautiful, and a genius, and well-spoken, and a great actress and quietly lesbian. And has kids. I even manage to overlook “Nell” when I think about her. Tree Inna Win! I think I might be a dyke. Here’s Jodie Foster talking about how the rewards to having children don’t exactly shout out at her:

And while rearing children rarely leads to a typical routine, Foster says, “Every once in a while I’ll have one of those days when I’ve fed the fish, cleaned 10 poops from the patio, taken the cat to the vet, sewn my son’s stupid karate stars on until my fingers bleed and made sure that he has everything, and he wakes up and goes, ‘Oh, what’s for breakfast?’ He doesn’t know, and why should he? Right?

“But there’s absolutely no sort of acknowledgment or reward for this – except for the intangible of my kids growing up to be wonderful people.”

Ok, uh, put a diaper on that brat? Damn, is she talking about animal droppings or her kids? What’s happening in that hippie bohemian household? And your kids better grow up to be wonderful people or you can threaten them with Hannibal Lecter or say “one man tried to shoot the President for Mommy, what do you think I can have him do to YOU if you don’t behave?” Seriously, she makes me want to chop my hair, highlight it and go kayaking with a choker on, accompanied by my girlfriend with the killer biceps. And then hit GirlBar.

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By J. Harvey

  1. rootabega

    my coffee nip just flew out of my mouth and landed on my keyboard i am guffawing so hard

  2. T-Bone

    Love her. One of the classiest, most humble celebs alive.

  3. Carter

    I’m w/ you. Except, she can do wrong, but any wrongs I gladly overlook.

    And the poops? I’m sure they’re her dog’s or maybe even her cat’s.

    Here’s to another 44 years of Jodie.

  4. Jane

    I hope that is taken out of context in some way.

    People looking for “paybacks” for doing for others is bad enough; I shudder to think of that sort of mindset in a mother.

    Doing for others is its own intrinsic reward, like doing a good job, or being a good person — you shouldn’t need, or expect, a pat on the head, or a cookie for doing it. Doing for your kids is like a million times that! Why bother being a mother/parent if you have no maternal/parental instinct?

  5. Shasta

    Eh, Clarice is just being real, I’m sure every parent (without 10 nannies) feels that way eventually.

  6. stolidog

    egads Jane, lighten up.

  7. devil

    Jodie’s my favorite actress. Thanks for this!

    And, yeah, she meant dog poops on the patio.

  8. Mmmm Good

    Wow, she looks great – I’d start liking fish for that. Any room in the canoe?

  9. sandy

    I love Jodie Foster. She’s a GREAT actress. I was laughing so hard at that story I almost choked on my water. LOL! JHarv is SOOO funny!!

  10. I hope she doesn’t get plastic surgery. She looks like a real (and attractive) human being, unlike most of her synthetic peers.

  11. dezboy

    Why do you think she’s a lesbian. She’s never said, done nor supported anything even remotely gay. She the female Cruise or Travolta.

  12. Jamie

    Jodie’s special ladyfriend sure hit the jackpot.

    She must literally live like a queen. Not only did she get a beautiful, smart, rich lady. But to hear Jodie tell it, looks like she doesn’t have to worry about lifting a finger around the house either.

    Sweet deal if you can get it.

  13. Not Happy

    Can I just say how much it irritates me (and many others) that the writer of this “article” points out that ONE of the reasons s/he likes Jodie Foster is because she is “quietly lesbian.” What the hell does THAT mean. Are you rewarded and praised for being quietly heterosexual? Was it necessary to inlude such a jab?

  14. Zekers

    I’m with stolidog…I bet Jane could cut diamonds with that tight a$$ of hers.
    To be honest, I completely understand what Jodie is saying. It’s not like I expect a “pat on the back” or a “cookie” it’s just that there are days when I feel like I work my a$$ off to keep everything on an even keel and I get feeling a little worn on being a mom…I think Jane isn’t being honest…or she has nannies/housekeepers.
    Jodie Foster has been a role model of mine for years. She is so far above most Hollyweird types.

  15. nastybugger

    not that I can speak for J.Harvey, but I think what he meant by quietly lesbian is that she just IS.

    doesn’t crow about it, doesn’t try to hide it. to me, she’s pushing the idea that someone’s sexuality doesn’t really matter in relation to their job, their parently, or their quality as a person. The only thing that one’s sexual orientation DOES affect is who they have sex with.

    love is love is love, as far as I’m concerned, and as long as no one is being abused, what does it really matter WHO someone sleeps with?

  16. nastybugger



  17. T-Bone

    I’m with stolidog…I bet Jane could cut diamonds with that tight a$$ of hers.
    ————————————————–Laughing ;)

  18. green cardigan

    nastybugger – hear hear.

    I like the fact that Jodie has had a great career and lives her life in the (semi) public eye without flaunting, explaining or disguising her sexuality. She is the way she is. No hetro explains their sexual prefernce so why should she? Just as I am quietly hetro , she is quietly lesbian. Live and let live.

    Now SHE is a good role model for the women of today.

  19. Zekers

    “love is love is love, as far as I’m concerned, and as long as no one is being abused, what does it really matter WHO someone sleeps with?”

    Nastybugger, despite your name, you’re my hero for the day…very well said my friend!

    …aside, anyone else finding this site to be loading vvveeerrry slow today?

  20. Jeanie

    I heart Jodie Foster, but if I had her money I don’t think I would be working that hard. I might not hire a nanny, but definitely someone else would be picking up the dog and cat sh#$

  21. laurieann

    Jodie continues to be the class act she has been throught her life so far. She has made great choices in life and truly deserves the respect she receives from the powers in the entertainment industry and her many fans. I know what she means about the rewards of parenting. She’s not asking for any kudos, she understands that parenting is a continual, long-term process and that if you’re doing it right your kids take for granted that there is food in the house for breakfast.

  22. Susie

    Hysterical. She is a pretty cool person.
    But I was thinking…if she got rid of the cat, the fish, the dogs, then she’d just have the kid to look after. I see this all the time. Because kids aren’t enough of a responsiblity let’s have a menagerie of pets too. My friends blow a fortune on food and vet bills and can never go anywhere because of their pets! I’m like dude that blows! (and don’t start I don’t hate pets or kids okay).
    Cheerfully child and pet free.

  23. Jane

    Whatever folks. She just reads here kind like a joyless, un-giving mom. All the work she describes is pretty trivial (gasp, feeding the fish! How hard and time consuming!) And, then she focuses her frustration over these simple labors on her son for, gasp, expecting to be fed in the morning. Y’know, you gotta make breakfast for yourself everyday anyway; it’s not too much harder to make it for two. It’s also pretty weird to hear her call her son’s karate stars “stupid” — he probably worked hard for them and is ecstatically proud of them. You’d think she could empathize with her son more and share his enjoyment. And, none of this sounds like frustration after an impossibly hard day, like anyone might feel on occasion. She seems more like a cold, annoyed step-mom than a loving mother. Maybe it’s just a lesbian thing where if your kid is only 50% you and 50% sperm-donor, it’s hard to care as much about him as if he were half you and half the love of your life.

  24. kikichanelconspiracy

    ” Maybe it’s just a lesbian thing where if your kid is only 50% you and 50% sperm-donor, it’s hard to care as much about him as if he were half you and half the love of your life.”

    I am gobsmacked by your logic Jane! So does this mean divorced/single mothers love their children less because they are no longer with the father than mothers who birthed a child “with the love of their life”? What a pretentious slag you are! I hope things work out with you and the love of your life, otherwise you might end up caring less about your children.

    For the record, I prefer mothers who indulge in the occassional gripe than the mothers who pontificate endlessly about how they never knew true love and fulfillment until they had their children.

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