Jodie Foster In Flip Flops

July 13th, 2005 // 29 Comments

You just don’t see paparazzi photos of Jodie Foster. She’s pictured here with her two sons and an unidentified female companion.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jen

    Is that her girlfriend?

  2. doofus

    the rumors are that she is gay…two kids with NO mention of any dad figure…or even a sperm supplier, plus the fact that she’s never linked to ANY man that I’ve ever heard…that certainly supports the rumor.

    the woman she’s with looks a little bit like Glenn Close.

    But, WOW, what an actress she is.

  3. mary

    She is a lesbian and that is her long-time partner.

  4. ella

    She looks great(although the picture sucks)!

  5. *Micha*

    I don’t know Ms. Foster at all. (And I doubt anyone commenting on her here, does.) But for all we know that could be her Mother, sister, nanny, neighbor, friend, cousin, or possibly lover. Whatever, it is rare to see a candid shot of her. I wish she acted more. So brilliant, no matter who she’s with. :)

  6. Sage

    Everyone should ask themselves why they are so obsessed with whether complete strangers are gay/lesbians/sleeping with other people/etc.
    Can’t we just be stoked that Jodie Foster is a beautiful, intelligent, talented actress/director?!

  7. deek

    I don’t think it’s so bad to wonder about a person’s sexuality. Why do you stigmatize it? Besides, why come to this site if not for our our celebrity-obsessed, hurty and pickled little heads!? So that’s a bit disingenuous to be discouraging us our wonder. Besides, take it from us who know. Yes, she is…(a wonderful actress and a les – woohoo!)


  8. Tracie

    Hey… this woman couln’t be Jodie’s girlfriend … This woman is ugly ..Lol …Jodie is pretty, cutee, she’s awesome! If she’s really a lesbian ..well..then she deserves a prettier girlfriend!! *HehHEHeh*

    What do you Guys think about that ??? ;)

    P.S: do you guys know any site where I can find jodie Foster paparezzi photos?? *NOT NAKED* xD

  9. (private)

    I have to say Jodie is an interesting person. She seems kind of ecentric. She does things that makes wonder what she’s up to. When I read about her love life it makes me laugh because she is unusual, is she lesbian or straight, we don’t know. I have photos of Jodie not because I think she is attractive, but because I like the expressions she makes on her face, like she’s in deep thought. Most actors are not like here. Her personality stands out among the rest.

  10. Landshark

    That’s Cydney Bernard, Jodie’s long time … umm “best friend” *wink*wink*

  11. Anonymous

    Yes Landshark, that’s right. That’s Cydney Bernard, a woman Jodie has been in a relationship for 12 years (they met ont he set of Sommersby in 1993).

    Cydney Bernard is 52 years old (born in 1953), so obviously she is just over 8 years older than Jodie.
    There isn’t any question here that Jodie is a lesbian folks! There are more if us out there than you think!

  12. Zee

    her movies are great, we love her. and her private life is her own. No matter what anybody says. and nothing else matters.


  13. GodivaKisses

    I kinda like that Jodie seems so “ambiguous” about her sexuality and her personal life. It’s funny and frustrating and it keeps us guessing, but not really. LOL!

    Jodie’s motto is “Confirm nothing. Deny nothing.” Worse than The X-Files. The Truth is out there, unfortunately we’ll never know for sure what that is.

    Anyway did you see her on Ellen today? That was THE MOST lesbian NON-lesbian interview I’ve ever seen! LMOA! Oh wait, Jodie’s not a lesbian. ;|

    On a side note, I’ll be going see Flight Plan this weekend! :D

  14. janie

    The reason people want to know if Jodie is gay.. or why many think she should come out.. is to help “normalize” being gay. My daughter is gay, and I am not ashamed of it- it doesn’t hurt her career, and if she is treated poorly because of it, she deals with it. My daughter has way too much class to hide it…or her long term partner.

  15. Zappa

    I think that Jodie Foster is a terrific actress, very talented and intelligent. I think if she chooses a lesbian lifestyle that is great. But Jesus Christ, couldn’t she have found a better looking lesbian to shack up with???

  16. Patman

    I don’t care if she’s gay or not. I think that Jodie Foster is white hot, intelligent and a nice human being. She’s a thinking man’s hottie. But seriously, is love bling or what? If that’s her woman you gotta wonder…

  17. Dr. Martin, Phd.

    Jodie is gay, Cyndy is her “companion” and her two boys are the product of a California sperm bank where the same anonymous donor of high IQ and ‘good-stock’ genes allowed the potential for engineering her own broken nuclear family. *I firmly believe that if she chose (yes folks, it’s a choice) to be with a man so many years ago, and naturally raise her children in a conventional manner that her acting chops would have dwindled. Homosexuality is a farce, and it is not genuine, organic nor what human nature compels a mortal soul to accept as the heterosexual partnership allows and embues all of the comforting, normalizing emotions such male and female couplings enjoy. In a nutshell, Jodie is chasing the dragon tail of her own mortal inner-truth and by doing-so, her internal emotive processes are bundled with self-disillusionment, a sense of failure and at the pinnacle of her emotional-dysfunction, a perpetuation of self-denial. Also, the idea that her companion is as equally attached to her two boys in the same emotional-bond that a biological father would enjoy is another farce and any such notion about the normality of such a bond is utterly absurd. When the boys are older and suffering through a lingering confusion and curiosity about the identity of their biological father, Jodie will then experience even further emotional self-disillusionment and self-disdan. Like the dragon chasing it’s own tail, ad infinitum. Homosexuality is part and parcel this age old need of self-fulfillment being conquered by self-dilussionment. (Jodie is a predominantly suffering, literally from a gay mental illness.)

  18. Terisa

    Now I know for sure that PhD stands for Piled High and Deep. What a load of it!

    I’m adopted, which according to your sick and twisted theory of parental bonding would mean that I have no “normal emotional bond” with either of my parents. But I do. And I am not “suffering through a lingering confusion and curiosity” about my biological donors, either. They are not my parents. The people who loved, raised, taught, disciplined and nurtured me are my parents. Given the year in which I was born, my biological donors were more than likely two young people who got caught up in a mix of hormones and emotions, and had to deal with the consequences as best they could.

    What does this have to do with Jodie Foster? I don’t know enough about her life to make assumptions, but if she is in a stable and loving relationship, and she and her partner love those children, they’ll be fine no matter what gender her partner is.

  19. Dr. Martin, you’re are so wrong you have no idea. I can’t stand people like you! And I’m lucky I don’t know any in person. I don’t wanna call you anything, but unless you knows what it means to be gay, you have no right to judge!
    I LOVE Jodie no matter what she is!

  20. Autymn

    Phd. -> PhD
    it’s -> its

    She is not:

    Omnisexuality is natural:

    Wedlock is a farce:

    Laziness or indulgence brings “all of the comforting and normalizing emotions” between whomevers, but that doesn’t make it riht. Hmm.. this is wholy speculation, but maybe Foster is frigid?? and subsexual, and Bernard is an egg donatrix as well as the usual nanny?

  21. MR Me

    i dont blame jodie for being with a woman, thats what i would do. Girls are great, you could just spend all your life next to one and still be happy… on the other hand, man are kind of stupid and selfish, i know it since im a man, straight and all. I think that the only thing that Ms Foster would miss from a man is… you know the “bang bang” cause a woman cant give you that in a natural way.

    i do not think that you can actually born gay, i think that “gayness” is a result of several childhood traumas and well an unnatural environment.

    i think that you can actually develope deep love with someone of your same sex, and have fun (sex), but you cant act like a woman if you are a man, or viceversa.

  22. Alan Schneider

    As long as she perpetuates her intelligent, attractive genes with a worthy, deserving mate, whether through artificial insemination or the old fashioned way, I don’t care if she’s lesbian. It’s the traits that matter. Now that she has children, future societies will continue to have faces and mannerisms of Jodie Foster in some way, and that’s good enough.

  23. Mfume

    Jaime Foster is hot lesbian

  24. Erica

    I think Jodie Foster is really really pretty.(not in a lesbian way because im straight)I just found out yesterday that she was a lesbian. I was shocked when i first found out because she has a kid. Anyway I think she is really attractive, intelligent, the best actress/director ever, and i think she will go far in life. I really don’t mind that she is a lesbian because its not my problem or buisness, but i think she should tell the press if she is or isn’t. I love you Jodie!

  25. Jo.Dee

    very interesting conversation.
    i enjoyed reading it.
    i wanted to keep my thoughts to myself but i have to butt in (as always) …
    i wonder about you all being so judgemental. i don’t want to point a finger on the one who said something about cydney bernard being ugly … i assume you look like a top model/movie star/homecoming queen … what ev.
    i don’t give a f*** about her looks (btw, saw her in another picture. she is not “ugly”!) as long as she and jodie and the kids are happy. if they are … congratulations. makes this place a happier one :)
    i won’t pretend that i don’t like the thought about jodie being “one of us” … but i can live on with this idea. i don’t need her to deny or affirm it …

  26. BoB Dobbs

    I like Jodie Foster. However she is gorwing up to be like he he mother , becuse that is all she Knows. A man is not in the picture and that is the only way she knows emotionaly.

  27. Miss Anonymous

    Arghhh! In response to what Dr Martin phD (who blatantly feels that he has to use that title in order to prove that he is intelligent and that his opinion is worth respecting, which shows that he is in fact the one who is in some way “emotionally dysfunctional”) and to what Mr Me said- While Jodie Foster may have had a bad childhood or been happy as a result of the absence of a father figure, I believe that is in no way related to the fact that she is a lesbian, and the statement made by Mr Me that gayness “is a result of several childhood traumas and well an unnatural environment” is just such a load of crap! I wonder, how many gay people do either of you actually know?
    Because I myself am gay and I have grown up with a mother, father and 2 sisters in a perfectly stable environment, both of my sisters are straight, as are all the other members of my entire family, but I still turned out to be gay. And I most certainly did not chose to be gay, as Dr phD claims I must have, as he says “yes folks, its a choice”. And this seems to me that Dr Martin phD must think that because he is a doctor he must be right, when actually what he doesn’t realise is that, in some cases, life experience has the upper hand over a qualification which is completely irrelevant to the subject being discussed. Which also counts for the subject of Jodie Foster’s personal life and her personal emotions (such as whether or not she is happy with her life) which I am sure you do not get a test on in medical school!
    Anyway, I think Jodie Foster is really a great actress and I didn’t realise she was a lesbian until tonight, and I really wish people would not judge her because of this, or have such skewed versions of reality, as Mr Me and Dr Martin phD blatantly have.

    And sorry to everyone else for my pissed off ranmblings, but this is just my opinion…

  28. ann

    Yeah… very interesting conversation. This conversation answer my questions about the foster’s orientation but I d’ont care about her orientation. I accept it and she is a awesome actress. She’s very pretty.

  29. Rayn

    Question for “Dr. Martin” and all other straight ppl who don’t believe gays are born (what, we’re hatched?): If sexuality is a choice, at what point in your life did you CHOOSE to be straight? What made you CHOOSE to fall in love with someone of the opposite sex? Because I have to tell you, I did not choose to be attracted to women. I did not choose to not be sexually attracted to males. And I did not choose to fall in love with my wife, but doing so was the best thing that ever happened to me second only to her falling in love with me as well. Love happens, it can’t be planned or manipulated or decided. It’s not a choice, it’s a biological fact.

    As for whether or not Jodie Foster is a lesbian: who cares, and why is it anyone’s business but her own? I’m sure men and women alike fantasize about her, she’s beautiful and intelligent and caring, all admirable traits. I don’t see where her sexuality, or anyone else’s for that matter, is of concern to anyone but the individual and their mate.

    Oh and for the ignorance that spawns remarks like “I was shocked when I first found out (that Jodie Foster was a lesbian, presumably) because she has a kid”… women have the capacity to have children. Being lesbian doesn’t render the reproductive organs useless. My children and scores of others are proof of this amazing fact.

    Homosexuality is not a disease or a choice. It’s not contagious, and it’s not caused by ‘traumatic events’ or ‘dysfunction’ any more than hetrosexuality.

    And while beauty is in the eye of the beholder, ignorance, stupidity, bigotry and intolerance are always glaringly apparent to all.

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