Jodie Foster Doesn’t Beat Kids Up…Or Grown Men

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office has decided to not file charges against Jodie Foster on behalf of a teenage shutterbug.

The father of the 17-year-old boy, whose identity was withheld because he was underage, filed a police report over the May 29 incident.
He claimed the 47-year-old Foster had “pushed and shoved” his son after the teen tried to snap some photos of her and her two children as they were leaving an L.A. mall.

Pushed and shoved? Seriously, pussy, man up.

However, Foster’s camp has said that the man was a professional pap, possessing a large camera and telephoto lens. Quite different from your point and shoot, right?

Foster asked him to stop when her kids were scared.

Here she is from a few years ago at a premiere in Westwood, California!