Jodie Foster’s Two Oscars Don’t Guarantee Job Security

Jodie Foster enjoyed a vacation in Hawaii with her kids recently, evoking the image of her recent on-screen character from Nim’s Island, in which she plays a fidgety author suffering from agoraphobia who comes to the aid of a young girl living on an island.

She looks so at ease here on the beach, but as for the film, studio executives were concerned that she might not be as comfortable playing a comedic character and were hesitant to give Jodie a shot. “I’m not a known comedy actress, (so) they didn’t want me in it.”

Even with two Oscars under her belt, Jodie was still having trouble convincing people she can act. And seriously, do people really have to be funny to star in a comedy these days? When pondering the answer to this question, I present to you the fact that Kangaroo Jack was ever made.


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