Jodie Foster Slims Down A Little

One of my fave-rave actresses, Jodie Foster, showed up to her film premiere looking slightly toothy-picky. Here’s a comparison from this past December and now.

Jodie’s new film is the family-friendly Nim’s Island, and the 45-year-old was at the Queensland, Australia premiere looking like she could fit through a keyhole.

Someone’s been hitting the gym, and laying off the cookies. But does Jodie seem like a cookie person to you? She’s more of a rice cake lady, methinks.

Jodie might have lost the weight by chasing around after her two boys, Charles and Kit.

“Boys are easy. I mean, there are just a lot of bruises when they’re young. With boys, you get a lot of accidental jabs in the eye and stepping on your feet, and those tantrums they cause when they don’t want to leave the toy store. I want them to have curiosity about things they don’t know, and a desire to see places bigger than where they grew up,” Clarice Starling says. Jodie raises the boys with her partner of 14 years, film producer Cydney Bernard.

Whatever. She could be a Scientologist and I’d only love her more. How tremendous was she in The Brave One? I know everyone thought that film was trashy and lame but she was so dykelicious with her shag haircut, wraparound shades and big gun.

You know in her mind she was blowing away all of us assholes who keep focusing on her being a lesbian. She’s over it.

Photos: Getty Images

More photos of Jodie Foster attending the World premiere of ‘Nims Island’ at Sea World in Australia are after the jump.

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Photos: Getty Images