Jodie Marsh Shows Off Body Builder Abs (Photos)

Oh my god. Look at those abs. Are those real? Apparently so as they’re model Jodie Marsh’s latest toy: her own body. According to MailOnline Jodie worked for three years with a personal trainer to get that body builder look. So, there are her abs, but where did her abnormally large breasts go?

Jodie insists that she didn’t have such a drastic make-over for the attention. “No, this is where people get me so wrong. When I was at school I wanted to be a vet or a lawyer, I didn’t want to be famous. I got bullied at school for being ugly and that is why I wanted to be a model because I thought I could prove to the bullies and to myself that I wasn’t ugly. It is not attention seeking.”

PHOTOS: Jodie Marsh Can Barely Contain Her…Breasts?…No, Excitement…No, Breasts

The glamour model is just beyond thrilled with her new look and has taken every opportunity to show it off. Including lifting up her shirt in the middle of the street for photographers and pedestrians a like. She said of her new body, “I feel proud when I look in the mirror. I still can’t believe it’s my body. Like, when I look at my abs, I’m just like, f****** hell, I love it so much! I’m the prettiest I’ve ever looked.”

I just can’t even deal with those abs. I’ve never been one who enjoys the body builder type, although Jodie thinks it looks very feminine. And really, I don’t prefer her with her not so lovely lady lumps all over the place. I guess this is better? Check out the photos of body builder Jodie in the gallery then tell us what you think.