Joaquin Phoenix Thanks/Apologizes to David Letterman

Joaquin Phoenix
returned to the Late Show With David Letterman to thank the host for letting him, um, do his thing a year and a half ago.  Killing two birds with one stone (promoting I’m Still Here and making sure things were cool with Letterman) Phoenix arrived clean and shaven and ready to talk, according to E!.  Letterman, who was not in on the joke as I previously thought, wasn’t offended that he was taken for a ride.  Phoenix thought Letterman to be sharper than that, and apologized for duping him.

think that you’ve interviewed many, many people and I assumed that you
would know the difference between a character and a real person,
so…But I apologize…I hope I didn’t offend you in any way.”

Letterman wasn’t offended at all.  Come on.  He lives for this sh*t.  We’ve got a clip of the interview after the jump.