Joaquin Phoenix Is A Musical Genius (And Clean-Shaven!)

Joaquin Phoenix’s album he recorded before quitting acting is apparently a masterpiece, according to his collaborator.

“He’s a Beatles, Oasis, Bowie-style songwriter. I hold it in that high esteem,” L.A. musician Julian Shah-Taylor told E! News.

“He’s accomplished just about everything anyone could accomplish as
an artist,” Shah-Taylor continued, explaining why the album may never be released.

“So coming out with a brilliant album of great music would not
surprise anybody, and I think that’s maybe why he didn’t release
it…And I think it’s better to have some secrets, and I think
Joaquin’s secret is his prodigious music talent.”

On the other hand, after Phoenix’s now infamous Feb. 11 David Letterman appearance (the same day as he attended a screening of ‘Two Lovers’ at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on February 11, 2009 in New York City, pictured) most people might be under the impression he could put in a little more effort…into his work as well as appearance! It seems he’s taken one of those cues, as a clean-shaved and coherent Phoenix appears in this video with Miley Cyrus for suicide prevention after the jump.