Joaquin Phoenix Documentary: Hoax Or Not?

Whether a hoax or not, a new documentary about Joaquin Phoenix and his transition from acclaimed, brooding actor to bearded, shambolic hip-hop wannabe has captivated viewers at the Venice film festival.

I’m Still Here director Casey Affleck has said that his documentary of Phoenix is no hoax.

But everybody is guessing whether the film is a real documentary or a mockumentary and whether Phoenix’s transition from stellar actor to bearded, bizarre recluse is a prank on all of us.

“That never even entered into my consciousness until other people began to talk about the movie,” Affleck added at a briefing where he was asked repeatedly about whether certain scenes, and the movie in general, were genuine.

But he conceded that audiences were likely to be confused.

“I’m very interested to hear those sorts of reactions and I appreciate that point of view, and I understand how a lot of this movie could be confusing in terms of, ‘oh well, it seems like something’s real or not real’.”

The candid film includes footage of him apparently taking drugs, surfing the internet for call girls, hosting prostitutes, diving off a stage to attack a heckler and vomiting.

I just don’t know who cares enough about Phoenix one way or the other. I mean, even if it’s a mockumentary/hoax – I just don’t even find that interesting enough to want to watch.

Here are photos of Affleck and Phoenix arrive in London to promote the film!