Joaquin Phoenix Breaks Down During Interview

A past plagued by drugs and alcohol has given Joaquin Phoenix a personal emotional inventory from which to draw when delivering emotionally raw performances, most notably, his Oscar-nominated turn as Johnny Cash. However, a recent breakdown during an interview, is now sparking rumors that Phoenix’s sobriety is coming into question. Here, the actor can be seen leaving the aforementioned interview, looking very upset, and he’s shown up at the Toronto Film Festival looking unkempt, adding fuel to the fire. In a different interview promoting his most recent film, “Reservation Road,” he talked about how his Oscar nominations have affected his career and life.

“But, to be honest … there is no effect on your real life. And if I said so in the past, I was probably only trying to get nominated.”

Oh, Joaquin. Bless your heart, you are looking old, dude. I had to IMDb you just to double-check your age. This is actually making me sad. I’m going to stop now.