Joaquin Phoenix Reaches Out To Lindsay Lohan

February 10th, 2006 // 10 Comments

Instead of turning to everyone else go to woman when in need of support, Oprah Winfrey, Joaquin Phoneix reached out to Lindsay Lohan after his car flipping incident.

After flipping his car on Jan. 26, Walk the Line star Joaquin Phoenix, 31, reached out to Lindsay Lohan, 19. “She was one of the first people Joaquin says he called. She was in tears with him on the phone as he explained how shaken up he was,” a source close to Joaquin — who’s rumored to have dated Lindsay — says. “Lindsay offered to fly back to L.A. to be by his side, but Joaquin said he was going to be a big boy about it. But I think this incident has made him and Lindsay closer than either of them expected to be.” Reps for both say the call never happened.

Why of course. Who wouldn’t dial up Linsday Lohan after a life-altering experience.

Joaquin’s Cries To Lindsay [Star]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. moi.

    i think this is bull crap. i doubt their connected- probably lindsay made up the rumour. shes so full of herself – ow daddy im so sad daddy. pour little rich girl. what the hell would jaquoin doing calling her?

  2. netty

    Who’s writing these bullshit stories? and you have them up on your site?

  3. citykitty

    Are we sure that this is the actor Joachim Phoenix? Maybe he sells photocopiers or is comptroller of a small beverage company. Has she learned nothing from “Jason Lewis”?

  4. susan

    i think this is absolute crap. how dare anyone mention those two names in the same sentence!! one’s a talented actor, the other, well…if cocaine ever took human form….

  5. Wakeem from Phoenix

    I called Lindsay about a week ago – her number was on the wall of the Waffle House near the bus stop here in Phoenix. She sounded kinda out of it but got real excited when I told her my name. Could that be it?

  6. Alexi

    right on city kitty.

    But “Wakeem”, keep in mind that she never met Jason Lewis and she was probably hoping for some tryst with Joaquin. You should give us her number so we can all call her. I’ll be Hil Duff.

  7. Anon

    Did anyone else notice how incoherent the lead paragraph sounds?

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