Joaquin Phoenix And Allie Teliz Pay Respects To Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Partner, Mimi O’Donnell

Pass The Time
Joaquin Phoenix has an animated smoke break.
With the tragic loss of Philip Seymour Hoffman, numerous celebrities have stepped out to pay their respects to his family.

Both Joaquin Phoenix and his girlfriend, Allie Teliz went to visit Mimi O’Donnell at her downtown Manhattan home.

The two men have something rather unfortunate in common.

Any idea what that is yet?

They’ve both been to rehab. Hoffman was in for heroin abuse, whereas Phoenix went in for alcoholism. If only both of their stories ended a little more pleasantly.

Other stars including Cate Blanchett and Justin Theroux have visited. Blanchett even gave Hoffman’s children toys.

It wouldn’t heal their wounds from the loss of their father, but the kind gesture could possibly take their minds off of the tragedy for a little while.

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