RHOM’s Joanna Krupa And On-Again Fiance Romain Zago Get Frisky, Narrowly Avoid A Nip Slip [PHOTOS]

I have to hand to Andy Cohen for reviving The Real Housewives of Miami.  2nd season newcomer Joanna Krupa is gorgeous, but sister is batsh*t.  If any of you caught last week’s reunion (part I, natch), you pick up what I’m throwing down.

Krupa, who butted heads with Brazil’s Best-All-Around firecracker, Adriana de Moura, really let her castmate have it while Cohen sat there like Joey Gladstone’s woodchuck puppet.

We’re not here to recap, but we will say this: Those bitches hate each other.  And I’m not talking strictly about de Moura and Krupa.  Anna Quinoces treated the reunion like a court room, and really has it out for Lea Black, who she mocked as the “mayor of Miami.” 

Back to Krupa, who showed nary a pound of holiday weight in Miami yesterday (January 1st).  She is back on with that deliciously uninterested French fiance of hers, Romain Zago.  A grab there, a flip here, and all is well between this fiery duo.