Joan & Melissa Rivers Storm Off ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

April 27th, 2009 // 103 Comments

Because Joan and Melissa Rivers are no longer capable of expressing human emotion on their faces, they have to really get over-the-top to get their point across.

After she was fired by Donalt Trump from Celebrity Apprentice, Melissa erupted in an emotional tirade before she and her mother both packed up their fur coats and left.

I didn’t realize Joan had such a distaste for poker players. Meanwhile, Jesse James was smart to stay out of their way, lest a stray Botox needle get thrown in his face.

Galley Info: Joan Rivers at The American Plan Broadway Play opening night.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Diane Parks

    I laugh at these two every week. Mother and daughter to much alike. Melissa deserved to get canned two weeks ago. All she did was sit at her computer and whine… and Joan is no team player, to leave her team hanging like that was a shame. Her daughter SHOULD be a big enough girl to take it without mommmy running her mouth making them both look childish. Annie Duke is more woman than either of them and alot more mature. Annie will win this season hands down.

  2. Mark Jacobs

    Annie Duke is a man in woman’s clothing. She’s only number 5 or 6 on the women’s poker tour with earnings of $1,500,000 or so. She’s chump change compared to these real celebrities. And she divorced her husband and lives with her boyfriend. Great role model for ’4 kids’. And she claims she gives a great ‘****job’? Who’d want one from her, she’s all teeth. Gross.

  3. Emily

    Annie is an arrogant, conniving, manipulative, two-faced egomaniac with no scruples. She should have been fired, especially since she took over the whole project, then bragged about how she did everything (before they found out they lost), and then turned around and pretended to be burdened by all the work she “was tasked with”. Doesn’t Donald Trump watch the tapes of what goes on outside of the boardroom??

    The best part of last nite’s episode was Jesse James telling Clint Black off. That was awesome!! Everything he said was right on the money. Jesse James is the smartest, most creative, most talented one on that show and if he doesn’t win, Donald Trump is just a foolish has-been.

  4. LadyLindaK

    ummm – I am surprised and at a lot of the comments. I don’t like Melissa – and I think a lot of people feel the same way – but let’s face it – she got screwed. Either Annie or Brande (my vote is Brande – she didn’t do her job) should have gone. However, Melissa’s and Joan’s behavior was (entertaining but) outrageous!
    WHAT DID The Donald HAVE ON HIS NOTE?? It seemed to change the mind of the other guy.
    Last – Clint Black is getting a bad rap. He did ask for input – and he got it! PLUS he used it – perhaps not 100% – but it was obviously was on mark since they WON! Jesse was ridiculous! You don’t sit there and pout and call someone names (like stupid) because they don’t take all of what you consider – perfect suggestions. He is far from perfect – and he has the personality of a wet dish rag… and the temperment of a 5 year old.

    Just my thoughts.

  5. PJ

    Watching Annie Duke is like watching the mean girls in junior high. She is a manipulative, two-faced back stabber.

    Annie and Brandie couldn’t be mature enough to really consider Melissa’s ideas (and Melissa made her viral video a success, so they should have taken her seriously). Annie and Brandie made me ashamed to be a professional woman, because they couldn’t rise above junior high pettiness to be professional and work with Melissa. I would have been frustrated if I were Melissa, and it’s hard to see a snake like Annie win with her manipulative tactics (ie, if it’s great, she takes credit; if it’s not great, she passes the buck).

    I’d never heard of Annie Duke before, but to me she is a miserable human being in dire need of some help.

  6. scarlet

    Annie Duke is the only one with any brains; she is playing another poker game and winning.
    After all this is a game! She should win.

  7. JimO

    Joan Rivers comments were shocking and she should be rebuked for them by saying she didn’t want to insult Hitler (ref Annie).Is it because the is Jewish she can say stuff like that? Mel Gibson move over. I hated Joan, and her daughter before but she is showing such wickedness with her comments and to Brandi as well calling her a stupid blonde. Annie is a cad but Joan and daughter are just mean and foul.

  8. Billy d

    seriously…. the rivers women call poker players white trash? wait till she watches the replay of last night….. who’s the white trash now? those women are obnoxious…. but annie is no saint… but she plays the game well and is probably the strongest player left…. Jesse looked like an ass last night…. i cant stand clint…. but last night he was at least cordial…. these guys need to realize it’s a ‘game’ and not take things so personal… get the ego’s out of the way… if I hear anyone else say “…This is what I DO you should listen to me… i’m the expert…” i’m gonna puke. They ALL become MASTER Marketing guru’s all of a sudden… lol.. funny.

  9. scarlet

    Melissa and Clint should have been fired long ago,— and, what exactly has Joan added to the show lately? The only reason Trump kept them on was to add drama to the show- keep it interesting so viewers would keep tuning in.

    Trump knew he would lose Joan when he fired Melissa, and he was not ready to lose the drama queens till last night when they became too much of a negative drag on the show.

  10. KM

    @Mark.. get your Duke facts straight. She has 2 WSOP bracelets, and has a career tournament earnings of over $3.6 million (just tournaments). She also attended Columbia. She’s no chump change.

    Melissa, however, is a chump. A fat mouthed, coat tail riding chump. She has no real talent, she’s simply her mothers daughter. She’s a whinny little spoiled brat.

  11. Sharon C

    Annie Duke is mean and is playing a dishonest game.
    She said herself that her talent of bringing in the most money would win her the show, so why stoop to such dishonesty.
    I found this very disturbing as I recently had such dishonesty pulled on me in the work place by my boss and it has cost me a break-down & my job of 27 yrs in & she used my stepdaughter to pull off such antics..

    Shame on you Annie Duke…I have no respect for you..

  12. Pepper

    Glad to see both Rivers plastic women gone. Annie needs to go too. She is nothing more that a white Amarosa with less class.

    The only thing she is going to blow is winning this show.

    They are not playing for their charity, they are just making money for NBC with the advertisements. $20,000.00 for a charity is maybe a 15 second commercial worth of money at best.

    The best player of this game has always been Jessie. He will win if dose not get stuck with Rodman and Green when they come back to “help” the last 2 players.

    I think the best player that ever played this game was never given a chance and that was Troy from the very first season.

  13. J.Gillespie

    That was painful to watch last night-Maybe the worse episode of the apprentice ever /the only reason to watch the show last night was for Trump’s Daughter-

    she might have more brains than the entire cast put together.

    One thing for sure you can’t offend Clint Black “Wow” Rodman in his face nothing

    Joan Rivers was all over him in the board room-nothing

    Hershel Walker was ready to cut him up and put him in that chicken dish!!!

    JJ telling him to f-off “nothing”

    Those country singers are tough!

  14. Dan Keefer

    Jerry Springer, move over.

    Annie is not a white Amarosa but a female Piers (Who cares how you spell these names?) . . . raising money won him the day too and his lousy personality didn’t hurt him either.

    Clint started out trying to follow in Trace’s footsteps but he lacks the class to pull it off.

    Until last night, Jesse was actually more like Trace. However, his meltdown will be his undoing. He’s fortunate that his team won because if they hadn’t, Joan would have truthfully pointed out that he stopped helping out early on. His lack of teamwork might have gotten him fired rather than Clint.

    If Trump had played by his own rules, Brande would have been fired. Clearly how you play the game is not as important as fund-raising. Fund-raising had NOTHING to do with last night’s task. Typically the losing project manager goes unless there is a STRONG reason to fire someone else. Trump is undermining the show by basically making the projects immaterial. Brande did nothing but turn everything over to Annie and block out Melissa. She IS a dupe for Annie, but Trump basically told Brande to fight for her survival and then when she took the cue, saved her. Annie didn’t stab Melissa in the back, Trump did. The other judge was all set to dump Brande until the helped her and then passed that note.

    Annie played the game expertly. Her strength is fund-raising. That a woman unknown outside of gamblers can raise so much more money than better-known celbs says volumes about our world. But fund-raising wasn’t a factor last night. Annie expertly used both Brande and Melissa to position herself in the middle. Either Brande would be fired for her lack of leadership or Melissa would be fired for her emotional meltdown and lower fund-raising.

    I always sort of liked Joan and had no opinion on her daughter. Just as last year’s show raised people’s awareness and opinion concerning Trace, this year’s show revealed the real River’s women. Joan would have been a front-running had Melissa not been part of the show. Melissa would have been a strong contender had she not been cut off at the emotional knees by Annie.

    Both Rivers’ women made the show run like Springer . . . “great” TV but terrible players. Their loyalty was never with the game or their team. Please Joan, stay gone.

    Annie will win for the same reason as Piers. However, there is no Trace this year to root for.

  15. Proud American

    All the players left have their whiney celebrity snobbery on display in this show. I like Melissa Rivers, but not her mother much. Joan should stay and win. She has a good chance. Annie is Piers Morgan in Drag. A bad conniving woman, but what you expect on this show? This show has some second rate celebs and is not a friendly setting like Dancing with the Stars. Having said that Natalie Gulbis should never have gone on this junk and the same with Jenny Finch last year. They aren’t fit for it and too good for the format. Jessie James is a loser. Clint Black is self conceited Brandie is a slut, hopefully I can say that. Should have just brought on Jenna Jameson. I think the only one who can win is Clint once Joan left, if she left. Annie may win because she is a mean vicious woman, I think Clint might end up doing better, I see the finals between Clint and Brandie or Annie.

  16. ex-fan

    Wow vicious show! What happened to the actual Apprentice show where people with brains and experience used skills and intelligence to compete. I think Joan is a mother and she will stand by her child as any good mother would. There is no faulting them for sticking together. Its shows thier integrity for each other. Even if Melisa is a brat- she definitely did not deserve to be fired for this challenge. Brandie is a dumb bimbo and Annie is a conniving B**** – she would sell her own mother out to win. So I have more respect for Joan and Melisa. Joan is emotional and says what she feels to the persons face. She was mean to Annie but I dont feel sorry for Annie because Annie is always back biting all the contestants. Also if this competition is only about fund raising and who can raise the most money then why do the challenges that require any skills. It should be a roledex competition – who can call the richest people and raise money. That bit there makes the show lose its charm. It is no longer a fair or equal game. It is only who you know and not a team effort or talent competition. Trump is making this into a ridiculous springer show and losing all objectivity. I guess now its a show for white trash. Sad to see these so called celebrities stoop to such low levels and backstab to raise money for GOOD causes. How hypocritical!

  17. t hardgrove

    Poker players and blood money? Hilter? A dumb blonde comment? Unreal………

    I lost so much respect for Joan Rivers and her 12 year old daughter last night. I believe they both have skipped there sessions with the psychiatrist while being on the show.

    Joan is simply not funny anymore.

    Her daughter is a complete idiot.

  18. Megan M.

    Were the people supporting the Rivers’ watching the same episode I was? Because what I saw was an embarassment to female executives and women in general. Regardless of whether it was a raw deal or not, the fact of the matter is it was just business. Worst yet, it wasn’t even real business, it was seudo-business for the purposes of entertainment and raising money for charity! There is no place for name calling and hurt feelings in the corporate world! Melissa was fired by her superior, whether deservedly or not, and she reacted like an emotional child! Her behavior only furthers mysogynist views that women can’t handle themselves in coporate America.

    So may I personally express my gratidude to the Rivers women for setting the women’s rights movement back 10yrs! Way to go! You sure have come a long way babe!

  19. Pepper

    Annie and Amarosa are one in the same. I would not even say that Pierc is like Annie in drag. No those two women are from the same cloth.

    I dont like the Cry Me a River combo either but she did not deserve to be off for last night.

    Brandie’s only claim to fame in life is that she took her clothes off for money.

    From there what?

    Trump has a double standard for sure. he gives a beauty pagent queen a second chance for drinking then kicks off the other one for the same thing?

    Remember the money for charities is way down the list of priorities. Its advertising dollars for NBC that really matters.

  20. audrey

    Joan Rivers should have got fired the night that Anne beat her at the auction. It just wasn’t her turn I guess, but it was Melissa’s turn last night (ha ha). Everyone else that quits or wants to quit, Donald gets rid of them. I don’t think Joan should be allowed to come back.

  21. the rivers fan

    i think annie should be fired becuse she i a white trash she is nothing but a white trash the two rivers should stay becuse they are better the annie. annie i says that she did all the work becuse bradie gave her it thats why she is safe becuse bradie gave her work to do becuse she is a white trash. i think it should been rivers an jessie and Hershel Walker that will been a good show to see but the dom high school drama is in the game the fllower and the snake clit you are not smart annie u r a snake jessie you are a winner braney u are a dom blood becuse u are friends with miss snak i hope mr. turmp says clit annie or annie braddy your fired and the rivers come back and then there will be a good show to see that will be so kool to see the rivers come back to play in the fille 4 and two other people get fried and will be hot.

  22. Lee P

    The only white trash I saw last night was Joan and Melissa. I am not saying that Melissa deserved to go but they didn’t have to act like sore losers. What about when Chloe got the boot for something she did totally unrelated to the show? Even still she left the show like a lady.

  23. Dee

    Melissa is the one who acted like she was in High School.The way she acted and stormed off the show I would never want to show my face again.I love Joan always thought she was funny,and let’s face it any good Mom would do the same.Melissa you were never anybody,your still a nobody,and after that tantrum you really have alot of growing up to do.

  24. mary anneta

    melissa rivers was a disgrace to the show last night. the epitome of a spoiled brat with a foul mouth. she gave the show the most unprofessional, degrading exit ever seen. hope she watches herself and learns. do not want to ever see her again.

  25. clomom

    Celebrity Apprentice is bound to be filled with spoiled brats, strutting their sense of entitlement. The clue to that is the Celebrity in the name. Some are nicer then others…Jesse, Herschel, Natalie and Tionne have been examples of that. But the ones we watch are the ones that make it more fun…the bad boys and girls.
    Annie is a poker player…come on, she earns a living deceiving others and takes their money. Nothing else matters…she could be a Rhoads Scholar, but for Celebrity Apprentice she was added to the cast because she is a poker player. I don’t like her…she is deceptive, manipulative, conniving and frankly a bad person (from what I have seen on the show). Brandee is a beautiful woman who posed nude…once again that is what got her on the show and that is what is keeping her on the show.
    Melissa has spent her entire life as a celebrity…she has probably the biggest sense of entitlement of all the cast. And Joan is a mother first. I was disappointed at Melissa’s behavior last night. It was a bit childish, but no surprise since that is probably the first time she has been told no.
    Clint is getting better…I think he did well last night and am not so sure he deserved all of Jesse’s venom.
    I love Jesse…and didn’t think I would. He has been a wonderful surprise this season. I would love to see him win, but there just doesn’t see to be any way Annie will let that happen. I will be anxious to see who she has to devour in the finale.
    I guess that Celebrity Apprentice is about raising money…nothing else. So for all future contestants…start lining the funds up now. It seems to be the thing that keeps you in the game. Oh and remember it is just a game, and great exposure…oh yea, and you get to give money to charity.

  26. Norskema

    Hilariously intelligent commentary about Joan Rivers and DonalT Trump. Please, if you’re going to be snarky, at least learn how to spell Donald first.

  27. Natalie

    Wow the Plastic Suregeon’s dream have bitten the dust last night. How classeless was the behavior of Joan & Me-lissa.

    Annie isn’t responsible for melissa getting fired she did that all on her own. Melissa is the type of insecure woman that hangs herself by being paranoid. The only thing Annie had to do was just sit back and wait for Melissa to launch..It was a beauiful thing to see.

    Just a note to Joan & Melissa if you keep up going under the knife you will begin to look more and more like Howard the Duck

  28. Jack

    One down another to go. Poor immature little Melissa Rivers. Now she and her mom can go and get more plastic surgery! Way to go Donny!

  29. rshappy

    This is only a game and it’s for charity, no less. Some of these celebs NEED to get over themselves. Annie (who is not really a celebrity) is deplorable. She is so conniving. I didn’t like her from the first minute. Melissa has her own faults, but I did feel bad for her. It’s not easy being so undermined and Annie knows how to play people. She’s the queen of passive aggresiveness. Sadly, Annie is playing for “Annie” rather for charity. She has only put herself on the line once (I believe) as project manager. She is into preserving herself and winning the game no matter what it takes. That may fly in the poker world, but in the real world, she looks mean and two-faced. I think Joan said it best when she reminded her that she was “a poker player”.

    I am still pissed off at the treatment Tom Green received.

    Brande is just hot and ussually sweet (although a bit passive aggressive) in books she can do no wrong. :-)

  30. don smith

    Way to go Donald! You must love it.
    I actually love Joan Rivers and she always entertains. When you get someone on her age and she cuts loose, with her status, money and passion, I would get out of her way.
    Melissa was cornered and it was BS.
    There are people out there that have electric personalities and it would be nice if we were all so calm. Wouldn’t the world be so nice.
    I also have had the privlige of watching Rasheed Wallace with the Detroit Pistons. For those who don’t know him, look him up! You want him on your side. You can not change the wiring in these peoples electric minds.
    Go Joan! Go Melissa! Go Rasheed!!!!

  31. still laughing

    LOL!!! What a couple of whiney, juvenile petty babies! I have lost all respect for them… I think they are just so used to getting their way that they could not handle a little criticizm! HAHAHAHA! That episode was the funniest thing ever! I hope they are totally embarassed by their little tantrums… it made them look like spoiled little teenagers! And the name calling! How old are they? Thirteen? Hahaha! They are SOOOO immature… Mommy having to follow her poor little baby off the show because she was fired… LOL Melissa’s 8 year old son is more mature than they are… Also, to call the other women trash and whores??? Sorry Rivers girls, they showed WAY more class than you did last night!

  32. meg

    and the winner of “celebrity apprentice” is (drum roll):

    whomever trump wants it to be in consultation with the producers.

    i mean, really – he’s made some “off the wall” choices for “firing” just to keep the celebrity mix interesting – nothing more. (by “he” i mean “the producers.”)

    if reality had a base to this “reality show,” the one fired last night would have been annie duke since she was the one responsible for the failed project. second choice: brande who gave up her power to duke.

    and it was going to be brande, it seemed, until trump/producers decided not to have annie duke and melissa rivers team up for the following week.

    and cramer? wow, jon stewart is right – you ARE an d-bag. can’t even stick to your opinion of dumping brande. had to have trump “trump” your own common sense. way to go.

    that being said, both melissa and joan acted as if they had just been thrown off the titanic head first. girls! it’s not real! it’s just a show! get a grip! long after this season of “celebrity apprentice” has been buried among a ton of other crap offered by NBC people will remember how mean spirited the both of you were last night.

    and i like the both of you as cultural personalities,but the only white trash we saw last night was you two – and it pains me to say that.

    also, as much as i like jesse james, he, too, seemed to wallow down in the nasty pit for too long last night. clint, surprisingly, took it all with stride and good humor – all the while discounting a lot of what jesse and joan said. team work, clint, team work – remember that.

    geez, this was worse than the fight on the amazing race between luke and kisha.

  33. JV

    Melissa could have avoided embarrassing herself if she had just stepped up as project manager.
    That way she would have put herself in a power position instead of behaving like a whiny, jealous victim.
    I think what really stood out was the deplorable way she treated the staff outside the boardroom.
    She owes them an apology.

  34. C.A.

    Let’s be real peeps. Its about winning the game. I’m not a bid Duke fan, but if I were being attached by the Rivers clan, I would have thrown them under the bus too. Melissa should have been fired weeks ago but got lucky her team won. Her and her mom have some serious issues.

  35. Marie

    Wow! Was I watching a different show — let’s be fair. . . the behavior of these two grown women (Joan and Melissa Rivers) was embarrassing.
    I don’t know much about Annie Duke however I did read that Annie went to Columbia University where she double majored in English and psychology, and was awarded an NSF Fellowship to attend graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania to study psycholinguistics, a field within cognitive psychology. So she is much more than “just a Poker Player”.
    Joan was outplayed, as was Melissa and they just can’t get over it. Grow up ladies, you were playing for the charity of your choice. These charities deserve to be represented by spokespersons who can handle themselves in a professional manner.

  36. G

    Gee .. I wonder why Melissa never had any friends in High School and I wonder why she has no friends now. Let’s see what she’s lacking … personality, charm, courteousness, warmth, personality …Can’t totally blame her though .. where would she have learned those proper character traits… from her MOTHER?? not in this case.

    She spent more time acting like a spoiled grade 5 girl in her diary moments. To her the show wasn’t about the tasks or the charities, it was about her not having any friends -AGAIN!

    And to “trump” her whiny exit tantrum, she was completely disrepectful to the employee/staff of the show – who had no reason to be the recipients of her spewing …

    My actual thoughts — The Donald might be in financial trouble and he knew if he fired one River, the other would walk and neither one would be gracious enough to do the interviews or any other part and it is all probably written up in some very tight
    legal contract which they both signed with a fake smile but now that they have probably broken those contracts… The DT can take em to court and sue their platic/botox butts.

  37. Kevin

    Yes, greatest show (firing) I have seen yet. Was fist pumping and smiling all the way to bed.

    Will not miss the constant Rivers bitching and wining. They need to go back under the knife to get their paranoia removed. Because seriously girls everyone is not against you, they were just tired of listening to you and your spioled brat name calling abusive nature.

    Go Annie go. She should win this season hands down. And that is based on both for fund raising abilities and her business smarts. She is the only one I see who is constanly giving 200% and providing an endless amount of ideas on every task.

  38. Debbie

    I think Melissa’s exit was childish to the extreme; however, I do think she was screwed over, but not necessarily by Annie & Brande, but by Trump himself, who made the decision to move Jesse to the other team. It appears to me to be a decision made explicitly to throw gas on a fire. Why not move Brande or Annie to the other team? It would have made more sense. As it was, it ended up being men against women. Trump seems to be sexist. Or he just wanted to see the fireworks that he knew would be forthcoming. Melissa is talented and hardworking, but she made a big mistake running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Weird scene. But I’ll miss her. Clint’s GOT TO GO!!! Ick, uck! I’m for Jesse even though I’m not a big fan of tattoos.

  39. PHIL

    Americans will do anything for entertainment. Do you really believe what you see? This is a t.v. show. It’s all about ratings. Instead of watching this show you should take a walk around the block and do something worthwhile with your time.

    -Phil, Canada

  40. Baffled

    Okay, not sure where all the “hate Annie” attitude is coming from. Attacking her personally, calling her “white trash,” and then demeaning the very industry that donated the most money to charity – well, it baffles me. Annie is no “Ms. Personality,” but at least she keeps it business. And just to set the record straight, Annie did not divorce her husband and father of her children, he knocked another chick up and left them to raise one child as opposed to four. Annie still paid the schmuck a year’s worth of alimony. So before you judge a person, maybe you should get your facts straight. She’s no victim, and she raises millions of dollars for charity… Anybody heard of Ante Up For Africa?

  41. Escada Winada

    I don’t understand why the ditsy playboy girl didn’t work to get rid of the backstabbing poker player. She would have more of a chance of winnning against Melissa than the back stabbing poker chick dude. The poker chick is hard core.

  42. alara

    lol wouldn’t surprise me in the least if most of the *annie haters* comments are in fact written by the crazy Rivers duo

  43. Ann

    I love Joan and Melissa. They are so smart and decent in comparison to that Annie Duke garbage and that stupid stupid Brandeeee. It was clear the dumb blond was going to be fired until Donald slipped that note and said to fire Melissa instead. I guess he just wants to preserve the possibility of still being with her after his next divorce.
    Not fair. Melissa was way too classy for this show. It was beneath her and her mom. These others are sleeze buckets. That Duke is pure dirt.

  44. louise

    Joan and Melissa had every right to be mad as hell! They were unfairly kicked off by Trump and Annie and Brande cut melissa out of the task completely! I’d be angry too! Okay, so maybe they shouldn’t have screamed explitives at the producers or called annie white trash – but she gambles for a living and Brande is rich and famous because she takes her clothes off for Playboy? That sounds pretty close to white trash to me…I could never respect someone that plays cards for a living or reveals their body for money, these women are trash….at least Joan and Melissa are entertainers…BUT the bottom line is that Trump is the biggest D-Bag of them all, because he should have kicked off the person that was responsible for the loss, which was PM Brande! Plain and Simple. If it wasn’t celebrity apprentice, just regular apprentice, we all know Brande would have been out, but Trump, the double-standard bastard that he is, kept her cause he has a thing for her! Great, way to go, jackass!

  45. Apprentice Fan

    I am dumbfounded at some of the comments. This is a GAME folks. It is designed to raise money for charities; whether you like the charity or not, it is for charity. A person’s vocation does not make them white trash, Hitler or any other names that you guys are throwing around (funny though… to most of you who use the term “white trash”… how clever of you to copy Joan’s comments).

    Joan Rivers earned a heck of a lot of money playing casinos in Vegas. If she had that attitude toward gamblers, why did she take their money.

    Whether you like the Rivers’ or Annie or Brande or anyone else on the show is not the point. The yelling and throwing the “f” word around like it was the precious thing they could have said, showed the lack of class either Joan or Melissa have.

    Ok, Melissa got fired, maybe she shouldn’t have been. SHE was the one who was responsible for the layout and the layout is what the Right Guard folds did not like. They liked the content, which they said; but the layout was in the wrong order and THAT was Melissa’s responsibility.

    I’ve never been fired from a job but this isn’t a job folks, it is a fund raising television show… how does getting booted off the show, calling anyone names make any sense? I would hope, if I am ever fired that I would have more class than Melissa had after her “firing”.

    For those of you who are mothers… is that the way you have reacted when any of your kids have lose their jobs? This is beyond belief.

  46. Apprentice Fan

    I am dumbfounded at some of the comments. This is a GAME folks. It is designed to raise money for charities; whether you like the charity or not, it is for charity. A person’s vocation does not make them white trash, Hitler or any other names that you guys are throwing around (funny though… to most of you who use the term “white trash”… how clever of you to copy Joan’s comments).

    Joan Rivers earned a heck of a lot of money playing casinos in Vegas. If she had that attitude toward gamblers, why did she take their money.

    Whether you like the Rivers’ or Annie or Brande or anyone else on the show is not the point. The yelling and throwing the “f” word around like it was the precious thing they could have said, showed the lack of class either Joan or Melissa have.

    Ok, Melissa got fired, maybe she shouldn’t have been. SHE was the one who was responsible for the layout and the layout is what the Right Guard folds did not like. They liked the content, which they said; but the layout was in the wrong order and THAT was Melissa’s responsibility.

    I’ve never been fired from a job but this isn’t a job folks, it is a fund raising television show… how does getting booted off the show, calling anyone names make any sense? I would hope, if I am ever fired that I would have more class than Melissa had after her “firing”.

    For those of you who are mothers… is that the way you have reacted when any of your kids have lose their jobs? This is beyond belief.

  47. mdrachel

    Annie is arrogant, manipulative! The most annoying part is that she thinks she is smart! She or Brande sould have been fired. Melissa got screwed by Annie. Annie is a stupid annoying woman!

  48. Dee

    Melissa was not the most amiable person, but she was the wrong choice as the one to be fired.
    Joan Rivers was the only reason for watching the show. Who wants to watch a playmate and a poker player? If one of them wins, that would be the end of the show. Donald Trump made a bad choice. He just wanted to get rid of Melissa. Not a wise move considering the circumstances. He should have let Brandy go. It would have been interesting to see Melissa and the poker player teamed up. Lost me as a viewer.

  49. Danielle

    Melissa’s forehead looks like a smooth grapefruit. She looks and acts ridiculous. She made a fool out of herself on Apprentice. She is no Joan Rivers…………

  50. helen

    I don’t think most of the ppl above me has been watching the same show I was… but, annie was targetted by the mother and daughter.. nearly from day one.. and annie didn’t react in the pure evil fashion as did melissa and joan. They can’t seem to seperate personal from business.. maybe that is why they had such hard luck in show business lately.

    The way they reacted was hilarious.. but sad too.. because they are obviously in need of some mental help.. their charity should have been something re: mental health.

    Annie has played the game as fairly as anyone else.

    For those that are attacking Annie.. chech urself…. have anyone of u ever played games before… what is the goal in a game.. uh.. could it be .. to win? Since when does playing poker.. make u a bad person? gosh that would mean .. almost everyone that ever gambled in anything is a bad person.. gzzz that means… most of the population of the free world would be labled.

    I agree with the apprentice fan… would u really react that way if ur child got fired from a job? for a good reason or not? if u say yes.. u need to check urself into a mental health facility with joan.

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