Joan Collins Wants Chris Pine And Gemma Arterton To Star In ‘Dynasty’ Movie

It was recently announced a film adaptation of the 1980s hit series Dynasty is in the works, and the show’s star Joan Collins has a lot of opinions (as usual) about who should be cast.

The original Queen Bitch (think Blair Waldorf with real fangs) was Collins’ character Alexis. The prequel would center on a young Alexis and ex-husband Blake Carrington.

Collins thinks Gemma Arterton of Prince of Persia would be perfect.

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“She has all the qualities that Alexis needs,” she said. “She’s sexy. She looks clever and she’s kind of vixenous.”

And Blake? “I do think Chris Pine would be great as Blake. He’s a wonderful actor.”

Wonderful actor I’m not so sure about. Though Pine, pictured filming Welcome To People in L.A. yesterday, is certainly getting a lot of work. But fun to look at? Definitely.