Joan Collins Shows Off Her Crazy Curtsey Skills [PHOTOS]

Wow!  Would you look at Joan Collins almost taking a knee for Queen Elizabeth?  That is one of the deepest, most epic curtsies I’ve seen in recent time, and I totally respect it.

Collins was among an elite group of British artists who gathered at the Royal Academy of Arts to celebrate not only their craft, but the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

On stage, Her Majesty presented special certificates to young “artists of the future,” according to the Telegraph.  I noticed that the ladies who went up to receive from the Queen did not curtsy.  Tsk tsk…Take a page from Alexis Carrington, young birds.

Bono, though not under the crown, told the Queen how much he admired her significant tour of his homeland last May.  “I wanted to take this opportunity to acknowledge the extraordinary magic you made on your trip to Ireland last year,” the U2 frontman told the sovereign.  Afterwards, the two had a brief conversation about the historic experience.

Musician Jamie Cullum, Michael Sheen, Julian Fellowes, Shirley Bassey, Kate O’Mara, Sir Paul McCartney and wife Nancy Shevell were also at the academy in London today (May 23rd).