JLo’s Wipe-Out: NBD

December 3rd, 2009 // 4 Comments

She has a bruised bone, but Jennifer Lopez‘s ego suffered no damage from her American Music Awards fall.   People Magazine reports that the superstar explained to Ellen DeGeneres yesterday what actually went down on-stage.

“What happened was one of the dancers’ backs was slippery from sweat
and lights and everything. We never bargained for that because they
always had T-shirts on in rehearsal.

“So they were barebacked, didn’t have shirts on for the
performance, and when I stepped on their backs my feet got wet. So when
I landed. it just slipped from under me.”

The rush of performing blocked the onset of a bad attitude.  JLo was so wrapped up in the moment that she didn’t realize she had just landed on her ass.

“‘Then I get to the back, and one the dancers was like, ‘Are you OK?’ Oh
my god that’s right, I fell,’ she says. ‘It was awful, but, you know,
it happened.’”

Yup.  It happened alright.

Gallery Info: Jennifer Lopez performing at the 2009 American Music Awards in Los Angeles.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. Jennifer

    I didn’t know JLo knew the word bargain. I don’t like the song.

  2. Ruby

    J.Lo can’t sing properly and can’t write/compose a decent song (even with the help of the “hottest” producers). In short, J.Lo sucks monkey balls. But honestly, I never knew that she could do worse than her previous “music”, but I stand corrected. I’m not sure which song is worse, the one she performed or that one about the high end shoes. Ugh.

  3. Elle

    Singers and dancers should be more careful. JLO could have seriously injured herself. It is unfortunate they didnt THINK thoroughly when it comes to the dancers, attire, environment, etc.

  4. MB

    I call BS. You could tell she was PISSED when she walked backstage after the performance. That was part of the AMAs footage. I guess she thinks no one caught that.

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