JLO Makes Bank Shaking Her Booty

Taking off her actress, fashion designer and perfumer hats, Jennifer Lopez put her Latin pop-star hat on to the tune of $50,000 per minute. A Russian business mogul offered Lopez $2 million to have “Jenny from the Block” agree to perform for forty minutes at his wife’s 30th birthday party. TMZ reports:

Andrei Melnichenko, a 35-year-old banker, is jetting J.Lo to London to play for his wife’s bash, and is shelling out $1.2 mil in appeareance fees and $800K in expenses – but that’s just under-the-cushions money for Melnichenko, who’s net worth is a reported $5 billion.

That is one expensive birthday clown. And I almost feel that if you pay someone that much for something so silly, you should also be allowed to ask them to do your taxes, give you a pedicure, run interference for you with your mother-in-law and organize your closet.