JLO is the Boss and Has Advice

Marc Anthony wants everyone to know who runs the relationship and that it’s not him. Anthony said that JLO is the spouse with all the power and that it’s pretty much always been that way.

“She’s always been the boss! I don’t know what’s changed,” Anthony, 38, told PEOPLE at Tuesday’s Los Angeles premiere of the couple’s movie El Cantante, which Lopez, also 38, also produced.

“That’s the first thing a man has to know,” he says. “Absolutely, no question about it.”

Trust me, Marc, we’re not surprised. You know that chick still does Krav Maga and lifts weights every day. I bet she’d break his arm in an arm-wrestling contest, without even trying. And JLO also wants to share some of her hard-earned knowledge from her career with those troubled starlets, who have very publicly been having problems dealing with the trappings of fame.

“Nobody has a handbook for fame. It’s no easy thing to deal with,” Lopez explained in a joint interview with husband Marc Anthony. “You’ve got to have good people around you.”

Offering further advice to Hollywood’s current crop of troubled stars, the singer added: “You want to be proud of yourself at the end of the day.”

Actually, even better advice would be, to avoid P. Diddy like the plague. Tussling with him with only end with heartache and/or pregnancy.


More photos (Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Ana Ortiz, Judy Reyes) from the Los Angeles Premiere of ‘El Cantante’ after the jump.