JLO and Marc Anthony Make Movies and Music Together

The opening of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez’s film, “El Cantante,” had the famous couple arriving in Puerto Rico yesterday for the the opening of the movie. Based on the life and times of Puerto Rican salsa singer, Hector Lavoe, Lopez and Anthony teamed together on this project taking on the roles of husband and wife on-screen. Cuban director, Leon Ichaso, worked for five years to bring Lavoe’s story to the big screen, and believes that the reaction from Puerto Rican audiences to the film will determine whether or not he was successful in his quest to portray the troubled singer’s life on celluloid.

“It’s tied to a Puerto Rican hero and Puerto Rican music,” Ichaso said. “Everyone will scrutinize whether it was done well or badly, whether we made a mistake here or there.”

Meanwhile, Marc Anthony is excited at the prospect of touring with his famous wife.

“Jennifer has never toured, but I’ve toured all my life. It is something she’s always wanted to do, but she has never had the time. This is where I can step in and say, ‘Oh, my God, this could be fun’, and introduce her to that world.”

God, they’re not sick of each other yet? Sorry, I know that’s a cynical thing to say, but seriously, that’s a LOT of time spent together. I don’t even like being around myself that much.

More photos of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony in Puerto Rico for the premiere of “El Cantante” after the jump.