Put on Your “Surprised Face” Masks, Guys

October 5th, 2007 // 18 Comments

Jennifer Lopez was recently spotted revealing a serious baby bump at a recent concert in Connecticut. According to a concertgoer who spilled to Page Six, Ms. Lopez was unable to keep the bun in her oven under wraps.

“a fan blew the side of her top all the way up for a moment, and a definitive baby bump was there. She was very quick to push down her top. Then she talked about how this year is full of firsts for her . . . and every so often her dress would fly up and you would see her belly.”

Probably to just go ahead and set things straight, Jennifer and husband, Marc Anthony are reportedly planning to make the big announcement to the crowd at her upcoming performance in Madison Square Garden this Saturday. Well, I’m a little sad that it won’t really be a surprise. You know what would be an AWESOME surprise? If she had the baby on stage. I’m just putting it out there, Jen. Think about it. Your fans deserve it.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Jake

    Congratulations Jennifer & Marc, I am excited for you.

  2. The flying Phoenix

    J-lo will make a great mom. I truly her happiness during her pregnancy, Your show rocks!

  3. stolidog

    No, wait, I need to put on my “I could give a crap” face.

  4. Susan

    It makes sense for her to announce it in NY, after all she is a proud New Yorker, congratulations to her and her husband.

  5. Anonymous

    I am happy for her, She is waited so long for this and she deserves it. I admire her as an entertainer and woman, lately she has been scrutinized by the media and by people like Ben Affleck and Kim Potter. Throug it all she remained quite and dignified, to me that shows class and intelligence.

  6. Darth Paul

    You know she’s going to pass a zombie like that Russian chick on the remake of “Dawn of The Dead.” What else could Skeletor’s cadaverous seed produce?

  7. Stoneman

    Madison Square sounds like a good place to make her pregnancy announcement. She has tried to get pregnant for so long, I wish her the very best to her and Marc Anthony.

  8. Nila

    I like Jennifer Lopez and I am happy for her and her husband, I hope they have a healthy and talented baby. They deserve a big announcement and lots of blessings.

  9. Anonymous

    It’s about time for her to make the announcement she can’t hide it any longer. I think it’s unusual for a woman to be be on tour while pregnant, but JLo likes to defy conventionalism. In other matters, I wonder what’s wrong with Ben Affleck?…Why is he blaming JLo for his career failure? their relationship ended almost 5 years ago. It’s time for him to forget the past and focus on his current endeavors.

  10. alexandra

    Congratulations to Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony on the good news, I am sure they will be great parents.

  11. I’m happy for Marc and Jlo.

    She’s been tryin for a long time to have a baby.

    I see nothing wrong with her keeping it under wraps, she is not the only one who has done this, christina has yet to say it.

    So let ms Lopez savor the moment, the first few months are the best in a first pregnancy. So let her be.

    I wish then all the best.

    FYI….from all the pics I’ve seen of Marc’s 3 other children, the kids are very cute.

  12. ariyana

    im so happy 4 her!
    congratulation jenny!u make a gro momy!
    cant w8 till Oct7(her NYC concert)2 hear her announcin it.i will cry !!!

  13. ariyana

    ^^oops i mean gr8 momy(great)

  14. rvuevfl

    could someone call ICE and have them take this whore back to mexico? and grab her corpes of a husband too. bury him in mexico, not here. last thing we need is another illegal popping a kid out in the US and then getting to stay here forever. go the fuck away.

  15. so J.LO hates Mexicans.....

    So You big fat Puerto Rican Cunts hates mexicans as much as the biggest pig: Perez Hilton….well you are at a lose because you no longer have our support. We’ll help Jennifer Garner reach glory, and continue supporting Salma Hayek and beautiful Penelope Cruz.

  16. amanda

    uh well i think i know why ur this much all bent outta shape!
    cuz she ia A LATINA LADY WITH $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  17. ka

    im happy for her!
    she will make a realy nice mom!

  18. nastybugger

    let’s hope that she doesn’t enforce the “don’t-look-me-in-the-eye rule” and “don’t-speak-to-J.Lo-unless-spoken-to rule” on her children like she does the rest of her employees.

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