Jimmy Kimmel Endorses Levi Johnston To Run For Naked Mayor

Levi Johnston has announced his campaign to run for mayor of the tiny town of Wasilla, Alaska and Jimmy Kimmel is giving him the stamp of approval.

“Levi Johnston is to Sarah Palin what voicemail is to Mel Gibson,” Kimmel said.

Levi was doing the rounds promoting his bid for mayor on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about the possibility of making Jimmy his campaign manager. Kimmel suggested he become the naked mayor.

“Listen, when you’re mayor, there are gonna be debates,” Jimmy said.
“There are gonna potentially be shootings when Sarah finds out … it’s
gonna be really bad!”

Kimmel showed Levi a few items to promote the campaign such as a ball cap with the slogan “The Thrilla from Wasilla” on the front, a pin stating “Wassup Wasilla?”, a bumper sticker with the saying “Elect me Mayor or I’ll Date all Your Daughters”
and a yard sign with the simple message, “Levi for Mayor – I’ll Do the Job Naked.”

When Jimmy Kimmel asked Levi how the Palin family is reacting to his campaign and his relationship with them Johnston said, “I think they kinda kicked me out now permanently.”

I wonder why the Palin family would be upset with this douche tard? Levi Johnston, seen here in Beverely Hills, California on August 9th, was recently voted the new Jon Gosselin only with abs, which is a preeeetty big deal if you ask me. I mean, I see nothing but success for this kid’s future, no doubt!