Jimmy Fallons Needs YOU To Watch Him. Please.

Page Six reported today on Jimmy Fallon’s poor ratings. His Late Night show is not doing well, and NBC execs are allegedly freaking the f*ck out.  Fallon’s ratings have dropped 20% since May 2009 to 1.63 million.  His show is losing to ABC rival Jimmy Kimmel and CBS’s Craig Ferguson.  NBC is working Fallon overtime by forcing him to appear on the Today Show for his show’s sake.  And he’s booked network personalities like Brian Williams (lurve), Meredith Viera and Rachel Maddow.

This is what Fallon needs to do to fix his ratings: Just work extra hard to host a Saved By The Bell reunion.  Even if you don’t get Screech, we’ll consider you a winner just for corralling the other five (and an extra 100 points if you can get Mr. Belding as well).

TV insiders think that NBC’s screw-up with Conan O’Brien and Jay Leno really put Fallon’s show in jeopardy.  However, an NBC insider counters the argument.

“[Fallon’s] ratings in ’09 were unusually high because there was a big
lead-in from Leno’s farewell shows, so it is unfair to compare that to
this May. We think the drop in ratings is much less, around 12 percent.

Don’t shut Jimmy down! We love him!  Doesn’t he look adorable at the Costume Institute Gala back in May? Walk that red carpet, Fallon!