Jimmy Fallon’s 5 Rules For The Emmy Awards & How They Relate To You!

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This Sunday, Jimmy Fallon will be hosting the Emmy Awards and his main goal is to keep the show moving.

However, he also had these tips for what will make the Emmys fun for everyone in attendance (or watching at home I guess):

1. “Keep the alcohol flowing. By the afterparties, everybody will be wasted enough to believe I’m George Clooney.” I find this is a good tip for any party, plus it makes it more exciting when fights break out at your viewing parties.

2. “Don’t read the name of the winner until after you’ve read the nominees.”
Everyone deserves their moment to shine in the spotlight, so if your friend Peggy wants to go on a diatribe in your living room as to why Mad Men should win every award, let her have 5 minutes. The play her off with music.

3. “Expect the unexpected: The unexpected becomes expected and ‘unexpected’ no longer exists.” Much in the same way that you know Peggy, from previous tip, will eventually get so drunk that she’ll hit on someone else’s husband. It’s unexpected, but expected by all. But that doesn’t make it right.

Jimmy’s rule continue after the jump.

4. “Be nice to everyone. You might be on an episode of Undercover Boss.”If
inviting coworkers over for Emmy viewing party, beware of all those who
may have upward mobility and will one day hold your “You never watched Lost? You’re a fucking jerk-face idiot” comment against you when it’s time for your own promotion.5. “If things aren’t going well, inflate the emergency slide, grab two beers and jump.”It
is at this point that if you’re Emmy party is not going smoothly, that
you just duck out and head to the local bar and see how many drinks you
can get bought for you. And make them turn it to the Emmys.Be
sure to check out all of our red carpet and show coverage on Emmy
night, this Sunday! We’ll also be live-tweeting as well, so be prepared!Check out Fallon chatting about his hosting duties at Press Preview day earlier this week!

By Justin Thompson

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