Jimmy Tatro Impersonates Women. Are They Really Like This? [VIDEO]

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Jimmy Tatro Unleashes His Inner Woman

What would happen if men spoke the way women do? Jimmy Tatro has illustrated that thought for us. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite Youtubers. He says it how it is and everyone loved it.

Jenna Marbles is probably his female counterpart. If they joined together and created a video together, it would be magical.

I’m pretty sure I’ve insulted an adorable to a friend or two before. Seeing two lovers spreading around their public displays of affection is really annoying. Quite a few of us ladies do say, “I want my knight and shining armor.”

Tatro has pretty much taken every ridiculous things ladies say without thinking and turned it into a statement from a male’s point of view.

Check out the video and be prepared for belly laughs! Ladies, how many of you have said these things? Let us know in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

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