Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Movie: The Movie’ & OWN Programming Suggestions For Oprah Winfrey [VIDEOS]

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If you didn’t tune in to Jimmy Kimmel after the Oscar’s last night, you missed a damn funny show. One of the anticipated segments was the premiere of a trailer for Movie: The Movie, which tries to put every genre, plot line and star in one work. The short is an absolute epic, cameo filled trailer spoof.

Among the hilarious scenes is the one featuring Edward Norton sharing a kiss with Josh Brolin, who acts as the President of the United States. It also sees Colin Farrell giving a high five to a “dog who plays sports”, Gary Oldman portraying a Centaur, and Meryl Streep sporting a mustache.

Jimmy Kimmel also offered guest Oprah Winfrey suggestions on how to make her struggling cable network OWN a success.

The late-night host also offered other programming suggestions including Oprah Repos Her Favorite Things and The Jimmy & Oprah Interview, which featured the two hosts chatting with Jennifer Aniston while both speaking at the same time.

Click the photo above to watch Movie: The Movie and click the read more link to watch Jimmy Kimmel Pitches OWN Shows to Oprah.