Jimmy Kimmel Offers Samples Of The Newest Starbucks Coffee [VIDEO]

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Jimmy Kimmel Samples New Starbucks Coffee

If you haven’t heard by now, Starbucks has released a new brew of coffee. This one is $7 per cup, how insane is that? I thought the absolutely delicious Caramel Brulee latte was expensive. You can buy almost a whole bag or container of coffee for that price.

Jimmy Kimmel decided to give free samples of the highly publicized, expensive coffee.

The talk show host really seems to enjoy going onto Hollywood Boulevard and testing the general public. Just like his election test, he was just trying to see how foolish people were. As you can probably assume, there was a catch attached to his little challenge.

There really was no $7 coffee in the cups. In fact, both contained regular cups of coffee. Even so, people tried to say there was a different taste.

Watch the video above to hear their reactions to the “different” coffees!

By Erin Cosgrove

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